Media and Psych

On this page, you will find the sunday videos from the past year, which are a great way to keep the psych high when the weather is not playing ball. Some other material, mainly podcasts, news articles or famous climbing stories we wanted to share but did not seem appropriate for sunday videos will also feature here.

You can also find some tips, tricks and advice, once again, primarily videos, but sometimes written articles here too.

As always, suggestions are more than welcome !  :)


Sunday Videos:

Sunday Video #1: Reuben's Font film a film about our annual trip to Fontainebleau, made by our very own Reuben Strickett

Sunday Video #2: Indian face: the first UK E9 : Johnny Dawes on the legendary climb at Clogwyn Du’r Arddu

Sunday Video #3: Euan Patton's record on the descent from Tryfan to the valley floor an incredible run from the top of Tryfan to the bottom of the Ogwen valley in only 7min

Sunday Video #4: Friends of the grit Siebe Vanhee, a Belgian climber discovers the peculiar culture and rocktype of british climbing.

Sunday Video #5: Scottish Ice trip The best European climbers try out Scottish winter climbing, with mixed results. 

Sunday Video #6: The Barkley marathons, a gruelling race only ever completed by 15 people.

Sunday Video #7:  Dodo's delight, a lovely song to play on the spoons and sing along

Sunday Video#8: Climbing terminology, a few terms you’ll no doubt hear if you hang around climbers long enough

Sunday Video#9: Done in R1, another hilarious song from Sean Villanueava and Nico Favresse

Sunday Video #10: Slovak direct, Nick Bullock and Andy Houseman on the mythical Alaskan line

Sunday Video #11: Statement of Youth: The Birth of British Sport Climbing

Sunday Video #12: Big wall pizza with Tyler Karow

Sunday Video #13:Pete Whitakker's behind the scenes vidoe to his recent britrock film How I Climbed a 1000m Wall With No Ropes & Filmed 

Sunday Video #14: Incredible winter solo attempt of Cerro Torre by Colin Haley

Sunday Video #15: James Pearson's slightly humbled return to trad: Muy Caliente

Sunday Video #16: Rayu, 3 incredible women on a massive Spanish mutipitch

Sunday Video #17: Team Burly Gurlys on a fun challenge in smith rocks

Sunday Video #18: Book of Hate, a 5.13D in Yosemite, as climbed by Amity Warme

Sunday Video #19: Jasmin Paris and her mazing win on the  montane spine race a few years back

Sunday Video #20: Emma Twyford , the first British woman to climb 9a on The Big Bang at Lower Pen Trwyn

Sunday Video #21: Mari Salvesen, and her epic fight to become the secon person to flash  Belly Full of Bad Berries in Indian Creek Utah.

Sunday Video #22: Dylan Hannaford and Chris Moir-Coe show us some of the best Bouldering in western Wales

Sunday Video #23: Ueli Steck reminding us why is one of the all time greats

Sunday Video #24: Freedom of the wheels, best buddy movie out there ?

Tips, Tricks and advice:

Buying guides and checklists

Sizing climbing shoes: good advice if you’re buying new shoes, the people in the shop should also be able to help.

Advice on choosing a harness:loads of options out there, but this can help you narrow down your search.

Sport climbing checklist: the kit you’ll need for your first roped climb outdoors (don’t worry, most of this can be borrowed from the club)

Bouldering checklist: if you’re trying out bouldering outdoors, you’ll still need some kit. Once again, pads and shoes can be borrowed from the club.

Climbing kit checklist: If you’d rather an article, this also covers trad and multipitch

More stuff about roped climbing

Coiling ropes: a few different methods for coiling ropes and their advantages/ drawbacks (P.S: The gear sec will be very grateful if you coil BUMC ropes with the second method :) )

Brief explanation of trad grades

JB mountain skills, plenty of good advice on all things rock climbing, a helpful website with loads of info and advice on trad climbing, by the uni's very own David Coley

Curious about pegging? The black art of pitoncraft

Loads of info on everything from the very basics to big walling and glacial travel on

Bits and Bobs for colder weather climbing (ISB, alps ...):

Mountaineering boots advice: always a tough choice in the time before ISB, hope this article helps

Alpine climbing advice, from Will Gadd

Ortovox safety academy, while not replacing proper training, a fair bit of good advice for alpine shenanigans, with glacier, rokc and avalanche info

Why does Scotland feel so cold?, why is the perceived temperature always so much lower than the measured temperature

Scottish winter layering system,  a video from Dave MacLeod explaining a tad bit about what to wear for climbing in Scotland


Food for further thought:

Justification for an elitist attitude: a controversial piece written by Mark Twight in 2000. It is worth a read, whatever your views on the article.

The murder of the impossible: another famous article about climbing ethics

Everest, then and now: a reflection on Himalayan climbing and its evolution

Alpine Psych, by Andy Kirkpatrick

Fastest known time up Mt Blanc: Hilary Gerardi’s incredible achievement from last summer

WAM race article A look into the detrimental effects of corporation in outdoor sports

A word about clean climbing, the introduction the 14-page essay written in 1972, promoting loving the rocks and mountains on which we climb as much as the climbing itself.

De-gamify your climbing, making climbing more about the experience, and less about the grade

If your climbing media needs are somehow still unsatisfied here is a list of 33 books about the subject. has an incredible selection of climbing films also