Development Netball


If you want to play competitive netball while improving your netball ability and fitness, our development league will be perfect for you. With the aim of progressing players skills in order to bridge the gap to BUCS, we run weekly team training and matches. Our development league is getting more and more popular, have a look at the tool below to see if it is right for you...


The University Development league consists of 6 netball teams each with their own dedicated coach. These 6 teams play in a competitive legaue of their own with fixtures on Wednesday afternoons. This year, we also plan to arrange external competitions with other nearby universities including Bath Spa and UWE in order to provide an experience similar to BUCS.

The Development League aims to fufill each invidual's potential whether it be to improve skills and/or fitness or to enhance your team skills. The Development League is a great stepping stone towards BUCS and we hope that by ensuring efficient communication between Development and BUCS coaches, that there will be flexibility between the pathways for those identified with potential.

Follow our socials to keep up to date about Development trials during the first few weeks of Semester 1!