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Rep of the Month revealed

Rep of the Month revealed

Congratulations to Franklin Memet our February Rep of the Month

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In February we saw lots of fantastic representation happen. Your faculty reps successfully held faculty forums which enabled The SU to submit a paper on the headlines of feedback on what students want to see improve and change in their exam. We also held our Academic Council and had senior management attend with over 100 reps there asking questions and discussing the future of bath blend.

On top of that academic reps have kept busy representing students at a local level on top of all these extra meetings. This month we have been incredibly impressed with Franklin Memet, Modern Languages, and European Studies Year 2 Rep, who has been pioneering in creating a more inclusive learning environment by developing and supporting the implementation of a gender-neutral policy on their course. The paper, backed by the head of department, encompasses asking people to use preferred pronouns on their sign-offs, in class and moulding the method of language teaching to encompass this.

The Voice team is incredibly proud and inspired by Franklin for going above and beyond to create a more inclusive academic experience for his peer and therefore are awarding him the Academic Rep of the Month for February.

You can read more about what the rep of the month Scheme is and how you can nominate someone or yourself for Rep of the Month here.

We asked Franklin some questions about his experiences as a rep to find out more about what makes him so good at what he does! Read below.

Why did you want to be a rep?

I became a representative on a twofold basis. Firstly (and principally), I wanted to represent the unrepresented. In this case, as someone who is both part of the LGBTQIA+ community and an ethnic minority, I would be able to act as the voice for those who may often feel like backbenchers. Secondly, I wanted to further my knowledge of the PoLIS department; therefore, I could become an integral part of the functionality and running of the PoLIS.

How have you brought about positive change?

In the most recent SSLC, I presented an idea in which PoLIS staff include their pronouns in their email signoffs. Alongside this, I also promoted the use of gender-neutral language in the classroom. This was mostly received well, and after drawing up a document to solidify these ideas, I have been able to implement these policies within the department.

How do you see being a rep impact on your future?

Being a rep has allowed me to both grow my confidence and feel more a part of the departmental community. In the future, I will hopefully be able to confidently voice my views regarding further representation in the PoLIS community. I also understand that being a rep will also increase my employability for any possible postgraduate or jobs I pursue in the future.

What is the best thing about being a rep.

Hands down getting involved in the running of the PoLIS department. Prior to being a rep, I had no idea about the extensive work that was happening behind the scenes. Becoming a rep has allowed me to understand my role as a student within the department.

Thinking of someone you’d like to nominate as a rep of the month? Or want to put yourself forward?

Find out more and nominate someone here 


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