What We Do

People & Planet is the largest student network in Britain campaigning for action on world poverty, human rights & the environmental crisis. People & Planet Bath is The University of Bath's branch of the national network. In 2018/19 we organised a ‘Sustainable Futures Careers Evening’ , a talk series ‘Conversations on Climate Change’ featuring a lecture on Climate Refugees and raised awareness of the Environmental Breakdown, along with other actions.

Poster for the 2019 Careers Evening

At our weekly meetings in 2019/20 we are aiming to do more: campaigning for a Carbon Neutral Campus by 2030, embedding sustainability within courses at the university, empowering students to take action on the Climate Breakdown and providing them with the knowledge to reduce their ecological footprint.

Some of Our Members Attended Extinction Rebillion London

Whether you are just interested in learning more about climate change, or are already motivated to help the transition to a more sustainable and equitable future, People & Planet is a great society to join, facilitating you to have a wider positive impact whilst you study. We welcome everyone to get involved with our diverse community and look forward to meeting you soon! 

For more information and to keep updated on what we do you please follow our Facebook page. If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas do not hesitate to contact us at su-peopleandplanet@bath.ac.uk We look forward to hearing from you!

Check out our blog page for longer stories on sustainability:

Reasons to Join Us

  • Be actively involved in projects and campaigns that will leave a positive impact.
  • Membership is only £3! We've decided to make joining People and Planet possbile for a small fee as we want to attract as many people as possible, whilst being able to fund all the fun things!
  • Meet people that are excited about shaping the future of our world.
  • Develop skills such as teamwork, communication or  project management important for any job you take in the future and life in general
  • People & Planet is not just a society at the University of Bath, it is also a student network within the UK. This means as well as running our own events we have access to nationwide events and campaigns.



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