Chair - Antonin 'Tonda' Samal

Yo People, here is Tonda, the Planet. I am a second year MechEng student from Europe. Just months before coming to uni, I had no clue about the environmental crisis we are in and I started to be involved just a year ago. Last year, I co-organised a Green Careers fair, helped with the Youth Strikes and went to the April London XR actions. Currently, I am an International Coordinator for Extinction Rebellion Slovakia, which I founded in May 2019. I would love to see as many amazing people in this society as possible, along with your ideas and initiatives, so please come and meet us!  With Truth, Love and Rage, Tonda

Secretary - Emilie Bergling

Hi! I’m Emilie, P&P’s secretary and resident Politics student! I’ve been most involved with the Ecosia campaign, where we’ve been trying to get the uni to use a search engine that plants trees! I love it, and can’t wait to hear all your ideas for new projects as well! Message me with any questions about Bath or our society (I can also recommend an endless number of veggie restaurants??)

Social Media Manager - Matthew Pembery

Hi :) My name is Matt and I am second year architecture student and the social media manager for People and Planet. I am looking forward to sharing articles, events and campaigns that we will work on over the year, hopefully using social media in a way that engages you with environmental issues and solutions, whilst maintaining a healthy relationship with the media platforms we use. Please contact me with any questions!

Social Secretary - Eliza Dwyer

Hi, I'm Eliza. I'm in my 3rd year, studying chemical engineering (and I practically live in this orange coat). I was involved in so many great things through P&P last year and met a lot of great people too. For me, P&P society is a way to channel some energy into sustainable and political campaigns. I'll be your social secretary so I look forward to seeing you at the monthly socials, as well as our meetings. 

Treasurer - Maria Cundale

Hey everyone ! My name is Maria and I am a 2nd year Social Sciences and Sport Undergraduate.  If you want to get involved in all things sustainable, environmental and ethical, then this society is the place for you ! Since joining last year, I've been able to satisfy my passion for our planet and have a role in changing students' perspective at the University. My role this year will be to make events, projects and socials happen in harmony with our budget ! 

Publicity Officer - Mimi Burt

Hiiiii! I’m Mimi, a second year studying Architecture. I love our tiny planet and being part of P&P means I can help look after it just a little every day. The group is also a wonderful community to meet and work with lovely people who want to stop climate change just as much as you. Peace and love, Mimi