Committee 2022/23

Chair- Kai


Hola, I’m Kai and I’ll be chairing P&P 22/23. I do sociology which means I have a lot of spare time on my hands so hopefully the team and I can come up with some awesome activities for y’all. If you’re interested in helping the environment, saving the turtles, eating healthy, or just wanting to meet like-minded people then you should probably give us a go. Can’t wait to see you!

Treasurer- Olly


Hello, I am Olly, your Treasurer for People and Planet 2022/23! I am currently an undergraduate in Chemical Engineering, manifesting a career that will help our natural environment and focus on climate change. I will be helping out with the budget and funding of the society, and making it as fun as possible for everyone. I cannot wait for us to dive into this year, with lots of talks, meet ups and meals. Last year, I focussed on the Ecosia movement, persuading students to download the web browser (planting trees around the world). I am excited for what change we can also make – sustainable clothing, recycling and compost schemes across campus are some of our plans for the coming year. We cannot wait for new students to help us on these projects!

Committee Member- Tabi


Hi! I am Tabi, a second year Chemical Engineering Student and will be one of your general committee members for People and Planet this coming year. Having been vegan my whole life I aim to encourage people to reduce their meat consumption for both the environment and animal rights. I am excited to be leading the plant-based group this year which I myself was a part of last year. People and Planet is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people working to make the university a more sustainable and inclusive place. We have weekly discussions on happenings in the world focusing on environmental and human rights issues and projects where you can focus on topics that you are particularly passionate about. I hope to see you at People and Planet meetings where we not only have lot of important discussions but also lots of fun!

Committee Member- Nathaniel


Hi, I’m Nathaniel (he/him), a second year Natural Sciences student and one of your general committee members for this year! 
I really enjoyed working within my project group last year as it was a great opportunity to help make the university a more sustainable place. I was involved in the lab sustainability project and we helped raise student and staff awareness of the environmental impact of science labs. We’ll have a number of different projects running throughout the year focusing on different environmental and social issues and I really encourage you to get involved!
I’m really looking forward to meeting all our new members and getting stuck in with our new and continuing projects. I’m also looking forward to helping organise loads of exciting events and socials! People and Planet is a great society to join to meet other socially and environmentally conscious people, whilst also making a positive difference to the university community (and having fun whilst doing so!).

Committee Member- Nina


Hi everyone! I’m Nina, in final year studying Psychology. I’m very excited to be a part of People and Planet’s general committee this year! I joined the society last year and I’ve had an amazing time at our weekly meetings and socials and met some great people along the way. Last year I was on the sustainable food project. We helped organise the Eat Green campaign which aimed to encourage discussions around sustainable eating habits and expose people to new foods and recipes. I’m excited to continue the discussion around this topic. Overall, People and Planet is great community with people of similar interests. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone soon!