Our situation is changing rapidly at the moment, and we want to support our members (and university students) to cope with these changes as best as possible. We have provided some links to information below as a starting point, and we will ensure to keep our Microsoft Teams group updated with help to allow us all to stay well heart. Please also see the links to exciting environmental resources to keep you stimulated and connected :)

Using the links below or the navigation bar you can access all of the resources we have compiled and feel free to message us with any suggestions through our social media or at su-peopleandplanet@bath.ac.uk. We would love to hear from you!

If you want any advice or would just like to chat to someone, you can message our Welfare Officer Ruth Shaw on FB or email her at rabs20@bath.ac.uk angel.

We hope everyone is well and are looking forward to seeing you soon! P&P Committee heart

Mental Health and Wellbeing

A page featuring great advice and some of the best resources to help you to stay present and healthy during this time!

Environmental Reading, Documentary and Podcast List

Amazing resources, which are truly enjoyable and informative: there is so much to learn, and we even left out Cowspiracy! Crazy right!?

How Can I Help Others?

Ideas for what you can do to contribute to help those in need.