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What We Do

Do you like Video Games?


If you answered "yes", you're in luck! We are BVGS: The official gaming society of Bath University. We play video games, host LAN Parties and go to the pub together to discuss the latest goings on in gaming and why Frog Fractions was the greatest game ever made.

Reasons to Join Us
  • We run 7 LAN parties over the year, where we often showcase Virtual Reality with a HTC Vive.
  • Weekly online gaming events! Come visit our Discord server.
  • Frequent social trips to trampolining, bowling, the cinema and more!
  • We field multiple competitive teams for all NUEL leagues: League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch, HearthStone, and CS:GO!
  • Two video game themed pub quiz events - one before the first LAN, and a second in Spring
  • Annual Christmas meal.
  • Annual trip to EGX in September.
  • Summer gaming. During the summer holidays, we run online gaming events and tournaments.
Come & Meet Us
The best way to meet us is to come to one of our main LAN events. The next one is on the 7th-8th of October 2017 on Campus in 1W 2.101 ! See the Facebook page or Discord Server for more information.

Most of the time we hang out in our Discord Server with ongoing game discussions, event announcements, weekly gaming events and much more.

Join us on our Facebook page for event pages and reminders as well as pictures and general discussion..
Upcoming Events

Tuesday 26th September - Nightly Online Gaming League of Legends 8-11pm on the Discord

Wednesday 27th September - Nightly Online Gaming Team Fortress 2 8-11pm on the Discord

Thursday 28th September - BVGS @ Activities Day. Come meet us on the parade and chat about videogames, the society, life, the universe, and everything! 11-4pm on the parade.
Thursday 28th September - Nightly Online Gaming Town of Salem 8-11pm on the Discord

Friday 29th September - Nightly Online Gaming Dota 2 8-11pm on the Discord

Saturday 30th September - In Person Games Night 8-11pm in Claverton Rooms (with Boardgames!)

Monday 2nd October - BVGS @ Activities Fair. Come meet us at the activities fair in the Founders Hall!

Friday 6th October - Pre-LAN Pub Quiz! Join us for our first video game themed pub quiz of the year! On Friday evening we will have LAN setup in 1W 2.101, then we will walk down to the westgate pub for some drinks and a quiz. Feel free to meet us either on campus or at the pub.

Weekend 7th & 8th October - N00bcamp. The first LAN of the year and certainly not to be missed. Often the biggest recreational society event at the university, with people from all over the world joining us for a weekend of all things games.



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