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Will Galloway

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Canoe Club

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                                  Have you ever paddled before? 
                                  Have you never paddled before? 

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then you should try (or continue) paddling with the Bath University Canoe Club (P.S - All we really do is kayaking tbh)






  • We have three (yes THREE) Pool sessions per week, divided between coaching BCU star award skills and canoe polo.
  • We offer excellent coaching for all levels; from aqua-phobic beginners to hyper-aqautic Gurus.
  • We have trips most weekends, so that members can put their new skills to the test on the water, all suitable for their ability.
  • There. Are. SOCIALS. - Canoe socials are the stuff of Nordic legend, filled with celebrities*, models** and free alcohol***


* Local personalities ** Inanimate Replicas of buoyancy aids, *** False-Advertising. 


Check out our club pages to the left to see all the shananigans we get up to. Also visit our Facebook Page to get all the latest on trips, socials and of course to read the legendary happy hour post at 4pm on a Friday! 

Now you wanna join, What to do next???

So you wanna join? Excellent! Just a few things you need to do...


1. Buy the membership (It's only £30, which, FYI, is an absolute BARGAIN!)

2. Book a swim test or get in touch with our coaching sec. You need to do 100m and tread water for five mins. It's not that bad. Plus you only have to do it once. Besides, exercise is good for you!  

3. Enter the promised land that is Happy Hour *cough *cough... I mean, sign up to all the trips and socials that will fullfill your heart's desire




Coaching Secretary

Competitions Secretary

Kit Secretary

Ladies Polo Captain



Transport Secretary

Social Secretary


Polo Rep

Open Team Polo Captain