Courtesy. Integrity. Perseverance. Self Control. Indomitable Spirit.- The Five Tenets of Taekwondo

What We Do

Welcome to the University of Bath Taekwondo Club, the place to kick it with practitioners, athletes and people simply looking for a good time. Whether you're looking to get fit and stay active, compete among clubs across the country (and maybe the world), climb the ranks towards your very first black belt, or even learn a bit about TaeKwon-Do and Korean history; whatever your goals and interests are, there's a spot for you! We have members from all kinds of backgrounds and eperience levels, from complete beginners to III Degree black belts, so we really are a club for everyone!

Our club offers sessions that suit all kinds of interests. We have sessions for newcomers, the experienced, competitors, fitness and for both the ITF and WT styles. In addition to this, our members also enjoy regular socials and hangouts, year-round competitions, external training days and other kinds of events.

Why you should join us:

  • We welcome individuals of all abilities and backgrounds
  • We are a friendly bunch and a close-knit community where we all train and improve together
  • TaeKwon-Do provides great all round training to help you improve your fitness, flexibility and strength
  • TaeKwon-Do offers a great opportunity to learn self-defence skills and help you develop confidence and discipline
  • If competing is in your interests, our club is among the top university clubs in the country for both patterns and sparring
  • We organise a variety of socials and extra events throughout the year 

Train both your body and mind

TaeKwon-Do's unique style provides great all-round training for flexibility, fitness and strength, as well and building confidence and discipline. Our training sessions will help you develop these attributes and become a better version of yourself.

Learn self defence

Learning a martial art like TaeKwon-Do will leave you more self-confident and better able to defend yourself and others should you ever need to. It will also enhance your confidence in situations when you're travelling alone.


Represent the club and compete as a team. Competitions give you the chance to show other students in the country your skills as a martial artist, whether you are a white or black belt. It's also an opportunity to actively support your fellow team mates and meet people from other university teams.

Come and Meet Us

Check out our training page for more information about regular training sessions.

If you have any questions or concerns you can have a look at some frequently asked questions or send us a message by email or ask us on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

Our Committee

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Events Coordinator

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Welfare and Inclusivity Officer

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