Please note: You don't need this equipment to train with us! But if you want to grade or compete you may need some of these items.

Doboks (Uniforms):

The prices listed are being updated, the new prices will be lower.

Please Note: You do not require uniform & sparring gear to train with us! You can come to a training session in comfortable sports-wear.

The Uniform:

WTF-Style TKD UniformITF-Style TKD Uniform

The uniform worn for TaeKwonDo (a "dobok") consists of an upper-body piece and trousers. You will need this should you wish to grade (move up to higher classes of belts). The "size" of your dobok in cm should be roughly the same as your height. A dobok will cost £19. The table of sizes below should help with roughly deciding which size category to pick.

Your Height (cm) Dobok Size (cm)
134-148 150
149-160 160
161-168 170
169-178 180
179-188 190


Sparring Gear:

If you want to spar in competitions, you'll need protective equipment. ITF-style is semi-contact whereas WTF-style is full contact, so they have different sparring gear. We have quite a lot of gear stored away however, so you may not have to buy everything as we can provide some items for you.

ITF Gear:

To spar in ITF competitions, you will need headgear (£15), a gum-guard (£1), gloves (£15), a groin-guard (£9), and a pair of semi-contact boots (£15). Shin and forearm guards are optional (£5 each). Pictures of the gear with sizing guides are below.
Knuckle-Span at widest point (cm) Glove Size   UK Shoe Size Foot Guard Size   Head Circumference (cm) Headgear Size 
7.2-8.2 XS   1-3 XS   49.5-52.0 S
8.2-8.5 S   4-6 S   53.3-56.0 M
8.5-9.1 M   7-8 M   57.0-58.5 L
9.1-9.5 L   8.5-9.5 L   59.7-61 XL
9.5-9.8 XL   10-12 XL      

WTF Gear:

To spar in WTF competitions, you will need headgear (WTF-approved headgear for £18), a gum-guard, a chest protector (£20), forearm guards (WTF-approved forearm & shin guards £11.50), shin guards, and a groin guard. Foot "instep" guards and gloves are advised, but not compulsory (£17 each). A full "bundle" set of WTF gear (without instep guard) can be bought for a reduced price of £78. Gloves, headgear, and instep are sized the same way as above. The chest protector, or "hogu" is sized similarly to the dobok, shown in the table below.

Dobok Size (cm) Hogu size
130-140 XS
140-150 S
160 M
170-180 L
180+ XL