Bath University Taekwondo (BUTKD) is a club that is open to all students at the University of Bath. It operates an open and inclusive training style for people of all standards and martial arts backgrounds. Our club is also linked to Bath TaeKwon-Do, a club that is highly respected and has been operating outside the Sports Training Village (STV) for many years, and is further linked to P.U.M.A. (Professional Unification of Martial Arts), a UK wide martial arts organisation, of which ITF TaeKwon Do is a huge part.

Our club offers two styles of TaeKwon-Do; Traditional (ITF) style Olympic (WT) style. If you're interested in learning about the martial art, try out the Traditional style. Whereas, if you're looking to get into the sportive aspect, the Olympic style is for you. Whichever style you choose, we offer sessions on

  • sparring and kicking techniques
  • self defence
  • patterns

There is also the opportunity, whichever style you look to take up, to partake in any of a variety of competitions that take place throughout the year either in patterns or sparring.