Information for competing members

General Information

Competing is a great way to improve yourself, whether you have already done a martial art in the past or if you have just started. There are regular university league competitions every year, organised by the British Student Taekwondo Federation. If other competition opportunities crop up over the year, given good timing and location, we may also look to attend those ones.

If you have a belt in TaeKwon-Do or a comparable martial art (eg. Karate, Kickboxing etc.), you can compete in these competitions using your belt. If you do not have an appropriate belt then you will need to attend grading relevant sessions and attend a grading in order to start earning your belts..


Entry fees for competitions typically vary from £20-30. If you are a keen competitor then you can receive a "bulk discount" of sorts (the details have to be finalised). In addition to the entry fees you may have to contribute towards transport and accomodation. The most you will have to pay to attend a competition is around £50.


In addition to winning medals at the competition, you can receive additional awards. Every year the club grants a medal to the Most Valued Player (MVP) for achieving the highest medal count as well as medals for students who have improved the most. There is also the Blues Awards which you can receive after competing in BSTF competitions for 2 years (Black belts and above need to compete in 2 competitions each year whilst junior belts only need to compete in 1).