Indoor Volleyball

At UOBVC, we have 6 performance teams. These are the women's first (W1), second (W2) and third (W3) teams and the men's first (M1), second (M2) and third (M3) teams. Both first teams play in the Western 1A (W1A) of BUCS and the 2nd and 3rd teams play in the Bristol league (BADVL). We are proud to offer regular team training, position specific training as well as strength and conditioning with fantastic, hard-working coaches. We also compete in Varsity against Cardiff Met.

Ladies' 1st team

After a long and tough season, our ladies, coached by senior coach Matthew Pollock and captained by Heleen Maes, finished in 4th place in their W1A league. This year, they are hoping to improve on this result with the help of returning members from placement as well as new athletes. You can follow the fixutres and results on our social media pages or by using this LINK

Ladies' 2nd team

With a team mainly composed of new members, coached by recently qualified Heleen Maes and captained by Federica Arcidiaco, the ladies 2nd team managed to again secure a spot in the top half of their league. In the end, they managed to finish in 4th place in the BADVL. The goal this year is to increase the team's consistency and finally snag that long awaited 3rd place title!

Men's 1st team

The M1's, coached by player-coach Tom Sawko and captained by Si Collier, also had a bit of a rough season this year. However, following a 3-0 home win against Plymouth, they finished up the season sitting comfortably in 4th place of the W1A league. For this next season, they hope to finish in the top half of their division, re-establishing themselves as a key player in their league. You can follow their progress on our social media pages or by using this LINK.  

Men's 2nd team 

This year, the M2's were a force to be reckoned with in their league of the BADVL. Coached by first-time coach Frederico Rodrigues and with Martin Enev as captain, they battled their way to claim a 5th place title. This year, they plan to build on this momentum and create a team that performs consistently at a high level and remains a top contender in their league. 

Ladie's and Men's 3rd Teams 

Last year, the creation of the Development Team was the opportunity to bridge the gap between performance and recreational players, allowing players who are newer to the game to get that essential competitive experience that will help them improve their game. During its half-season run the mixed team - composed of 20 players, coached by Matthew Pollock and captained by JJ Whalley - quickly became an essential fixture in our club. Despite the enormous amount of challenges they faced as a new team competing in the Mixed League of the BADVL, the team was so successful in terms of player development and member satisfaction that we decided to create two new full-fledged teams in its place! The M3's and W3's will have the goal of developing recreational players into skilled athletes who are able to compete at higher levels, all whilst retaining the incredible team spirit forged in the Development Team. 

Recreational volleyball

For those of you that are looking to develop skills in a less competitive environment, we offer loads of recreational sessions. Find out more here: