Meet your 2017/18 Committee


WiB was founded in 2016 with the aim to create a supportive network for aspiring business women at the University of Bath. The committee both past and present work hard to fulfil this aim by continuously searching for opportunities for members of the society and by finding ways to develop the society and help our members grow.

The committee is all about transparency and accountability which is why we encourage you to contact any of us should you have any problems or questions. 


Hi, I'm Alicia, and I'm your chair for this academic year. I'm a final year Modern Languages student who loves sport and travelling! I play a lot of football and futsal, but always have time for WiB. My favourite country is Spain; sun, beaches and amazing food, what's not to love?

Ask me about:
- Events and speakers we have planned
- How to get involved with the committee
- Any general questions about WiB!


Hi, I'm Toni and I will be your secretary for this academic year! I am a final year Psychology student with an interest in weightlifting, pole fitness and cooking. My current PB is 110kg for deadlift, 100kg squat and 60kg bench press. My signature dish is a Caribbean speciality called oxtail. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!

Ask me about:
- Summer internships with the Civil Service and Cisco
- Society plans for the year
- Committee, general and society-wide meetings

Hi, I’m Kate, I am your treasurer for this academic year! I am a second year Economics student with an interest in sports and music. I play ultimate frisbee and love to run and swim in my free time. I am originally from Russia but have lived in London and France so I love meeting people from different backgrounds and interests!

Ask me about:
- Who our sponsors are
- If we have any big projects planned for the year
    - Our work with Smartworks charity

Hi, I'm Anna, and I will be your Business Liasion Director for this year! I am a final year Modern Languages Student in French and Spanish interested in writing and travelling. I am thrilled to be back on the committee this year, as the Women in Business is something I have become incredibly passionate about over these last years. I am excited to start working with the new team and preparing the society for another incredible year

Ask me about:
- Current partnership and sponsorship links with external organisations
                                                              - Networking events the society has planned
                                                           - How to get involved in external events happening outside of the university


Hi, my name is Marieke and I am your Events Coordinator for this year! I'm a final year International Management student, coming back from a placement in Singapore and semester abroad in Western Australia. I'm interested in environmental sustainability, boxing and travelling. I am very excited about joining the committee and planning some great events.

Ask me about:
- Upcoming social events
- Our community initiatives
                                                                   - Finding a placement abroad


Hi, I’m Nelia and I am your Social Media Director for this academic year. I am a final year Psychology student with an interest in research and football. I am half Spanish and half Croatian and always get torn in two when my countries face each other in sports! I am very excited to share the wonderful things WiB has in store for you. Look out for our social media pages!

Ask me about:
- Accessing our social media profiles
- Getting involved with the society online
 - Social media campaigns and competitions


Hi, I am Kristina and I will be your Marketing Director for this academic year! I am a final year Psychology student from the beautiful Prague! I enjoy travelling, yoga and baking delicious treats. Having lived in multiple European countries I love meeting new people from various countries and cultures. I am very excited to be a part of this year's committee and you can expect some exciting things very soon! Stay tuned