If you're thinking about joining our wonderful committee, this page just explains our different roles a bit more in depth! 

1) Society Chair

- Responsible for overseeing all activities of the society.

- Regularly liaises with and delegates duties to committee members.

- Maintains an up-to-date society strategy, to be reviewed in hand-over each year.

- Engages with members and represents their views to Socs.

- Acts as a signatory on the society accounts in accordance with SU Regulation 2 relating to Finance.

- Is responsible for ensuring health and safety standards are adhered to in all society activities.

- Is jointly responsible with the society treasurer for ensuring the society remains within budget.

- Oversees promotion of the society to ensure membership targets are met.

- Informs and works with the Activities Officer on any disciplinary matters as defined in the society disciplinary policy.

- Ensures the society meets all the requirements set out in the Socs constitution and Code of Conduct.

- Attends chair training.

2) Society Treasurer

- Working with the chair is responsible for ensuring the society remains within budget as set by the Activities Officer.

- Acts as a signatory on the society’s accounts up to the limits defined in Regulation 2.

- Keeps regular accounts and spending plans for the year.

- Brings accounts updates to society committee meetings.

- Sets up online products where appropriate.

- Attends finance training.

3) Society Secretary

- Arranges a minimum of one committee meeting per month during term time.

- Sends out a request for agenda items a minimum of 7 days before committee meetings.

- Sends out a full agenda a minimum of 24 hours before committee meetings.

- Takes full minutes of committee meetings to be circulated to the committee within 2 weeks of the meeting or before the next meeting (whichever is earlier).

- Has knowledge of all the core documents required for participation including risk assessments.

- Ensures correct procedures and policies are followed for events, trips and socials.

- Checks society mail shelf and distributes post.

4) Events Coordinator

- Is responsible for organising Society social events.

- Takes the lead in organising non-society social events such as fundraising campaigns and engagement with the community.

- Ensures the Society at least breaks even on its social activity over the year.

- Is responsible for ensuring all Society socials adhere to the current Students’ Union Socials Policy.

5) Social Media Director

- Ensures all information on the Society web pages are up to date and comply with current Socs and Students’ Union policy.

- Updates Society web pages every month with photos, events and news.

- Ensures that the Society, its events and Socs Events are widely publicised online via the web page and social media platforms.

- Supports the maintenance of Society web pages including links to respective Union/University web pages.

6) Business Liaison Director

- Actively seeks to build new relationships with external organisations.

- Maintains good relations with existing network of organisations contacted by the Society previously. This includes circulating a monthly newsletter detailing the Society’s progress and any important information. As well as any other action deemed necessary.

7) Marketing Director

- Works with Students’ Union Marketing department to generate and circulate sponsorship proposals.

- Maintains good relations with existing sponsors including submitting sponsorship reports.