Why Join?

An extreme sport with low costs, low commitment, low stress and huge opportunities.

Bath Windsurfing, put simply, welcomes everyone!

We exist to:                                                                                 

 - Introduce you to the sport

- Give you vast access to as many aspects of the sport as we can

- Have no stress, no commitment fun

- Help you develop your windsurfing skills

- Provide amazing opportunities

We are for those who have never seen a windsurf board before, those who have done a bit of windsurfing before but say “I’ve kinda forgotten everything”, those who are improving their skills on sinky, tippy dagger-boardlessy boards, those who want to race, those who want wavy parties, those who want wavy waves, those freestylers and those mad storm chasers.

What we can offer you:

- Learn from beginner to advanced without buying ANY kit

- Chew Valley Lake trips open to all abilities, only pay about £10 to cover fuel and MPV/minibus hire

- Free tuition from qualified instructors, a weekend ‘Start Windsurfing’ course normally costs upwards of £130

- Free use of our kit

- Free to borrow wetsuits from either ourselves or the SU

- Hire brand new 2019/2020 kit in Weymouth, subsidised by the club. This is for intermediate and advanced windsurfers who are ready to progress to the next stage from being a beginner at the Lake and for those who don’t have any kit.

- Advanced trips to Weymouth (or wherever the wind is) only pay a transport contribution. This is for advanced windsurfers who have their own kit and just need a lift to the wind!

- Windsurf at your own pace: we’re all about chilled out, no stress windsurfing; just do what you want, when you want! Either on Chew Valley Lake Trips, at windsurfing events or at Weymouth.

- Racing: run by the SWA and a host university at ‘Core’ events with individual beginner to advanced divisions; it’s a great low-pressure way to give racing a go, or to compete in close races against other UK universities. Fully mixed team racing takes place alongside the individual divisions at Core events and BUCS Nationals (which is held in April).

- Wave sailing: smaller close-knit events also run by the SWA and a host university with wave competitions, cheap nights out and tips & advice from other windsurfers. These events are more laid back and are about doing some more serious windsurfing while getting to know other windsurfers. You need to be a reasonably experienced windsurfer to be able to deal with the waves.

- Massive windsurfing weekends with UK universities, such as Aussie Kiss: Silly cheap, usually about £25 + transport for all abilities, with ‘free sailing’, beginner instruction, intermediate clinics, racing, freestyle competitions and big nights out.