What they offer

  • Bath university students who are members of the University Athletic Club have access to an exclusive membership with our community partner club Team Bath AC (TBAC).
  • University members are able to sign up for £4 a month or £3 a month if you are a member of another UK Athletic club.
  • Athletes of all abilities are welcome and catered for. We cover track & field and endurance running. 
  • Club members can compete in local, national, track & field and cross-country leauges
  • Training groups meet on Tuesday and Thursday evening.

Who are they

  • The club is independent of the University of Bath however it has shared the colours and team brand since entering into a partnership in 2007. 
  • Team Bath Athletic club Promotes community participation in healthy recreation by the provision of facilities coaching and equipment for athletics. 
  • To find out more visit: www.teambathac.org 

Coaching opportunity 

  • They also employ university sudents who are qualified coaches, assistant coaches and are willing to subsidise courses for students to gain further coaching qualifications.
  • This is a great opportunity for University of Bath students interested in coaching!

Find out more

  • If you would like to join speak to TBAC manager Lisa Bennett who staffs the TBAC reception desk from 6pm till 9pm every Tuesday. Or contact her by email: TBAC-membership@hotmail.com