Locking is a comical, entertaining, exaggerated style of dance that was created by Don ‘Campellock’ Campbell in the 70s by mistake! He was trying to do moves like the funky chicken but then ended up just hesitating when he forgot the move, creating that locking signature. His friends caught wind of it and pretty soon they were going around to parties in Los Angeles with this new style. It was usually done to funk music like James Brown, and now lockers do all sorts of stuff with it. 

Many developments pushed locking into the mainstream. Not only did Campellock get onto the popular music and dance TV show at the time ‘Soul Train’, he and Toni Basil also formed ‘The Campbellock Dancers’, now known as ‘The Lockers’. These guys were fundamental in setting locking’s foundations, style and fashion. The movement inspired a whole bunch of other lockers and pioneers. You can read more about them here

Some moves in locking include the lock, muscle man (uplock), uncle sam points, wrist rolls, pacing and stop and go. You can see Skeeter Rabbit do some of the moves here (yes, this is the same Skeeter Rabbit from popping, the dude was multi-talented). 

Here are some videos of locking and Campellock doing his thing :)