We are committed to being an accessible and welcoming society and want to provide opportunities for everyone to enjoy music.


Rehearsal and Venue accessibility

Our rehearsals are in The Edge, please see this comprehensive accessibility guide. It is a modern building and has a lift and disabled toilets.

For our concerts we choose venues that are accessible.

We have breaks within rehearsals, concerts and workshops to allow our members to have a rest, a drink, a bathroom break or any other necessity.

We distribute biscuits during the breaks - let your Ensemble Manager know if you have any dietary requirements. The biscuits will be in their original packaging to allow members to check the ingeredients and allergens.

Any physical warm-up is optional and members are encouraged to participate to the extent that they feel comfortable.

Students are welcome to wear masks or face coverings if they prefer and are able to. Any SU or government guidance regarding COVID or any other pandemic will be followed.


Sheet music and other resources

If large-print music is required then do let the Ensemble Managers know so that it can be provided.

Most ensembles share resources such as recordings and copies of the sheet music to allow students to catch up on missed sessions and gain confidence in the pieces. 


Socials and Inclusion

This year we are implementing a "Buddy" scheme for our new members where they would be placed in small groups with people from within their ensembles and people from outside their ensembles. We anticipate that this will help our members get to know people from a variety of ensembles.

We are also increasing the variety of our alcohol-free socials with some coffee shop socials. These would also be not during the evening and we hope that these will appeal to a wide range of our members. Accessibility will be considered when choosing venues.


If members have concerns about any activities or their participation in them then they can speak to any committee member, the Welfare and Inclusivity Officer, their Ensemble Manager or the Musical Director of their ensemble. The committee members and Ensemble Managers are all students, so hopefully are friendly and approachable! Any concerns can be raised by email if the student would prefer, or through a third party.