We love pianists, drummers and guitarists!


Solo performance opportunities are available in our recitals and Big Band, Choir and Contemporary Choir require pianists each year. We also require pianists to support other performers in our recitals. Opportunities are constantly emerging so please get in touch by emailing su-chaos@bath.ac.uk and we will inform you of any that arise.


Some of our ensembles sometimes perform pieces with guitar backing at concerts. To find out more please drop us an email at su-chaos@bath.ac.uk and/or sign up to our mailing list on our home page. If you play classical or jazz guitar, why not consider performing in one of our recitals? If you're looking to play in a rock band, sorry we're not the society for you - try MusicSoc! We'd be glad to welcome you if you fancied trying something new though!


Orchestra, Concert BandBig Band and Brass Band all require drummers/other percussionists. Why not come along to a taster session and try them out? Rehearsal times are on our Ensembles page. If you'd rather accompany a vocal performance or perform in a recital, please sign up to our 'recitals and accompanists' mailing list on our home page. Any inquiries you may have, feel free to email us directly using su-chaos@bath.ac.uk. We look forward to seeing you and hearing from you!