So who is running ChaOS?

ChaOS is a society run by musicians from all areas of the university and, since we are the largest music society at Bath, there is a lot of organisation that needs doing. There are currently 19 Committee Members, 9 of which are in charge of each ensemble. All of us are in charge of ensuring that the Society runs smoothly, and everyone gets a lot of fun from it! Our current members are:

Chair: Magdeleine Goutierre (

Secretary: Yatin Tanna (

Ensembles: Orchestra and String Ensemble
Instruments: Violin
Subject: 4th year of Social Sciences

Ensembles: Orchestra, Concert Band and Flute Choir
Instruments: Violin and Flute
Subject: 2nd year of Computer Science

Treasurer: Elliot Davies (

Vice-Chair Instrumental: Katie Sharrock (

Ensembles: Big Band
Instruments: Trumpet
Subject: 4th year of Mechanical Engineering

Ensembles: Choir, Orchestra and String Ensemble
Instruments: Violin and Voice
Subject: 2nd year of Natural Sciences

Vice-Chair Vocal: Ross Hamer (

Events Officer: Madeleine Porter (

Ensembles: Contemporary Choir, Choir, Cantus and Alley Barbers
Instruments: Voice
Subject: 4th Year of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Ensembles: Choir
Instruments: Voice and Violin
Subject: 2nd year of Natural Sciences

Communications Officer: Zarah Warr (

Social Secretary: Lizzie McCaffrey (

Ensembles: Orchestra
Instruments: Flute and Piano
Subject: 2nd year of International Development with Economics

Ensembles: Contemporary Choir, Cantus and Concert Band
Instruments: Voice, Flute and Piccolo
Subject: 3rd Year of Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Technical Supervisor: Eddie Emmett (

Welfare and Inclusivity Officer: Jake Bird (

Ensembles: Orchestra
Instruments: Flute and Piano
Subject: 2nd year of International Management and German

Ensembles: Alley Barbers and Cantus
Instruments: Voice
Subject: 4th year of Physics with Astrophysics

Ensemble Managers

Alley Barbers: Matt Roberts (

These lovely people are in charge of each of our nine ensembles. Please contact them if you have any questions about a specific ensemble or if you are just in asking if they would perform at a function.

(If you have a question about one of our Ad-Hoc ensembles please message Katie (VCI) and Ross (VCV) respectively.)

Ensembles: Alley Barbers and Cantus
Instruments: Voice
Subject: 2nd year of Economics

Big Band: Tom Jose (

Brass Band: Jasmine Thompson (

Ensembles: Big Band
Instruments: Trumpet
Subject: 3rd year of Pharmacology

Ensembles: Brass Band
Instruments: Eb Tenor Horn
Subject: 4th year of Chemistry for Drug Discovery

Cantus: Rosie Walton (

Choir: Charlotte Brenninkmeijer (

Ensembles: Cantus and Orchestra
Instruments: Voice, Viola and Clarinet
Subject: 2nd year of Civil Engineering

Ensembles: Choir, Contemporary Choir and Concert Band
Instruments: Voice and Clarinet
Subject: 5th year of Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Concert Band: Roisin Healy (

Contemporary Choir: Essie Williams (

Ensembles: Concert Band and Choir
Instruments: Flute and Voice
Subject: 2nd year of Biomedical Sciences

Ensembles: Choir and Contemporary Choir
Instruments: Harp, Piano and Voice
Subject: 2nd year of Physics

Orchestra: Michael Collis (

String Ensemble: Hannah Coxhead (

Ensembles: Orchestra and String Ensemble
Instruments: Viola and Violin
Subject: 4th year of Chemical Engineering

Ensembles: String Ensemble
Instruments: Violin
Subject: 2nd year of Natural Sciences