So who is running ChaOS?

ChaOS is a society run by musicians from all areas of the university and, since we are the largest music society at Bath, there is a lot of organisation that needs doing. There are currently 22 Committee Members, 12 of which are in charge of each ensemble. All of us are in charge of ensuring that the Society runs smoothly, and everyone gets a lot of fun from it! Our current committee members are:

Chair: Aaron Jones (

Secretary: Megan Martin (

Ensembles: Brass Band, Orchestra, Concert Band
Instruments: Percussion, Trumpet
Subject:  3rd Year of Architecture

Ensembles: Brass Band, Orchestra, Concert Band
Instruments: Tenor and French Horn
Subject: 2nd Year of Social Work

Treasurer: Sam Thomson (

Vice-Chair Vocal: Katie Sharrock (

Ensembles: Brass Band, Orchestra, Concert Band
Instruments: Trumpet
Subject: 3rd Year of Computer Science

Ensembles: Cantus, Choir
Instruments: Violin, Voice, Double Bass, Bass Guitar
Subject: 5th Year of Natural Sciences

Events Officer: Harry Lugg (

Welfare and Inclusivity Officer: Sam Snudden (


Ensembles: Brass Band, Concert Band
Instruments: Percussion
Subject: 2nd Year of Physics

Ensembles: Brass Band, Big Band
Instruments: Trumpet, Piano
Subject: 4th Year (Post Placement) of Mechanical Engineeering

Communications Officer: Amy Godfrey (

Social Secretary: Harini Anand (

Ensembles: Brass Band, Big Band
Instruments: Trombone
Subject: 4th Year (post placement) of Psychology

Ensembles: Contemporary Choir, Bellas
Instruments: Voice
Subject: 3rd Year of Politics and International Relations

Vice-Chair Instrumental: Raphael Levy (

Technical Supervisor: Will Wylde (

Ensembles: Brass Band, Big Band
Instruments: Trumpet, Piano
Subject: 4th Year (Post Placement) of Maths

Subject: 2nd Year of Maths

Equipment Officer: Rohan Haripaul (


Ensembles: Orchestra, Strings, Concert Band, Brass Band, Big Band, Jazz Band, Chamber Choir
Instruments: Double Bass, Bass Guitar, Voice, Piano, Percussion
Subject: 1st Year of Computer Science

Ensemble Managers

These lovely people are in charge of each of our ensembles. Please contact them if you have any questions about a specific ensemble or if you are just asking if they would perform at a function.

(If you have a question about one of our Ad-Hoc ensembles please message Aaron (Chair) or Katie (VCV))

Alley Barbers: Tomos Besley (

Bellas: Amy Best ( & Emi Curtis (

Ensembles: Alley Barbers, Choir
Instruments: Voice
Subject: 2nd Year of Chemical Engineering

Ensembles: Bellas/Bellas, Big Band
Instruments: Voice/Voice, Piano
Subjects: 3rd Year of Mathematical Sciences/3rd Year of Computer Science

Big Band: Will Gough-Cooper (

Brass Band: Tom Walledge (


Ensembles: Big Band
Instruments: Saxophone
Subject: 2nd Year of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Ensembles: Brass Band
Instruments: Tuba
Subject: 1st Year of Mechanical Engineering

Cantus: Bella Glover (

Choir: Lois Edwards (

Ensembles: Cantus, Orchestra
Instruments: Voice, Piano, Cello
Subject: 3rd Year of Pyschology

Ensembles: Choir, Orchetsra
Instruments: Voice, French Horn
Subject: 2nd Year of Civil Engineering

Contemporary Choir: Emily Lear (

Concert Band: Henry Banfield (


Ensembles: Contemporary Choir and Choir
Instruments: Voice
Subject: 3rd Year of PhD Physics

Ensembles: Brass Band, Big Band, Concert Band
Instruments: Drums, Tenor Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone
Subject: 2nd Year of Natural Sciences

Orchestra: Chris Chui (


String Ensemble: Indi Parmar (


Ensembles: Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra and Concert Band
Instruments: Flute and Piccolo
Subject: 3rd Year of Architecture

Ensembles: String Ensemble, Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra
Instruments: Violin, Piano
Subject: 2nd Year of Psychology

Chamber Choir: Oliver Doyle (

Chamber Choir: Rosie Walton (

Ensembles: Chamber Choir
Instruments: Piano, Flute, Voice
Subject: 5th Year of Natural Sciences
Ensembles: Chamber Choir
Instruments: Voice
Subject: 5th Year of Civil Engineering