Candidate for the position of Sport Officer

About Me

Hello! I’m Abi, running to be YOUR Sports Officer.

My time at Bath has been amazing!

I’m a maths undergrad who took up lacrosse at university. After playing for only a year, I made the 2nd team and am now club treasurer. I love being in the club and owe lots of that to SU sport.

I’m an avid happy hour attendee and, despite being in final year, have not missed SCORE this year!

Joining Sports Exec was one of my best decisions and has allowed me to contribute to SU sport, but I still have much more to give!

Top Priorities

  • I will create more awareness of the impact of sport on mental health and help prepare students for leaving uni by introducing sports lifestyle training and making connections with clubs outside of Bath.
  • I will create an online court-space booking system, allowing sports members to see when they have booked pitches, swap sessions with other clubs, and make or edit bookings.
  • I will offer support to those who don’t win elections by offering other opportunities to get involved with SU sports.
  • I will create better links between SU sport and each sports club, enabling everyone’s voices to be heard.

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Hi! I'm Abi Lee, a final year maths student running to be your Sports Officer.

Sport at Bath has made my time here incredible, and I'm not quite ready to leave...

Through my roles on the Lacrosse, Sport Executive, and Blues Committees, I have worked to make more inclusive socials, improve spectator and player satisfaction at both home and away games, and gained invaluable skills, experience and knowledge making me perfect for the role!

If elected, my priorities will be:


Improving our relationship with the Sports Department:

  • The Sports Department cater for toddlers through to the elderly; I want students to be their priority
  • I will work to link the Sports Department and Student Services, encouraging more efficient use of our resources


Facilities and value:

  • The gym extension is nearly complete! I will use this opportunity to eliminate ‘gymtimidation’, making the gym more accessible for everyone
  • I will create a court-space booking system, enabling sport members to book and see who’s booked which pitches and when
  • I will fight for better student gym deals, including gym only and classes only memberships
  • I will promote the free sport and exercise we already offer, on and off campus, grow ‘Bath Active’ and generate student engagement
  • I want more free fitness classes on offer through ‘Bath Active’: we currently have unused boxing equipment, let’s create something awesome to deliver for free!


Mental health and increasing sports awareness:

  • I will create awareness of the importance of sport and what basic fitness and social sport does for mental health
  • I will continue the growth of ‘Prescription for Exercise’ and introduce more buddy schemes
  • I will introduce sports lifestyle training and help make connections between clubs in and out of Bath, together with governing bodies in sport



  • I want finances to become more transparent and sustainable by securing sport-specific sponsorships to generate more money to be spent on you
  • I will modernise finance by moving the system online, saving both time and the environment!


Postgrads and International Students:

  • During university holidays, when many international students are still in Bath, I will ensure there is still an excellent sport offer available
  • Postgrads suffer from harsher timetables and less free-time, I will offer both social and competitive sport at a time that best suits you


Why stop there?

  • I will create better links between the SU and each club to ensure everyone’s voices are heard
  • I will provide support to those who don’t win elections, offering opportunities to those keen to get involved with SU sport
  • I will promote ‘development officer’ roles within clubs and provide support on how to best use this role
  • I will introduce peer-to-peer training sessions, e.g.: finance training from exec to club treasurers
  • Some clubs are already doing it, but I will help organise alumni events, for networking, fundraising, and seeing graduated friends


If you vote for me, I promise to always be around to hear your issues and requests.


Vote #TeamAbi for Sport!




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