Candidate for the position of Postgraduate Officer

Adam Kearns

About Me

I am a full-time student of MSc International Public Policy Analysis here at Bath and am the Academic Rep for that course. I also take part in Bristol University Royal Naval Unit and I am a member of Bath University Sub-Aqua Club, with whom I helped test the new BURST submarine in term 1.

Outside of university I am interested in politics and public policy, and am currently working with a team from Bath University to conduct an impact analysis on the Bristol Pound. I also love to get involved with student politics and have attended many of the university’s public lectures in order to expand my knowledge base. Before the general election I got the chance to challenge the head of UKIP in Nottinghamshire about the party’s anti-immigration stance given the enormous and diverse benefits that migrants to the United Kingdom have brought, and I now look for the chance to represent postgraduate students at both the university and national level.

When I am not studying or talking politics then I do plenty of scuba-diving and sailing around the UK, and I sometimes (try to) play rugby with the Navy and my home team. More generally I love to travel, read, and take photographs.

If elected, my top priorities will be:

  • Seek to improve the grad centre facilities, such as more cooking and sitting space
  • Work to improve sport provision for postgraduates at both a social and competitive level
  • Lobby the university to expand and better advertise their postgraduate bursary scheme
  • Campaign for an increase in postgraduate-specific study space on campus

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Hi! I’m Adam Kearns, and I want to be your SU Postgraduate Officer for 2016/17.

Since starting at Bath University last year I have thrown myself at the experience and loved every minute. So far during my time at Bath I have represented students as an Academic Rep - among other things I successfully lobbied my department to host a course specific careers evening - and I sit on the Careers Service Student Advisory Board.

I have also written for Bath Impact and the Tab Bath and in October last year I travelled to Northern Iraq to film a documentary about the war on ISIS, which I spoke about at TedXBathUniversity. Plus, since becoming a Bath student in September 2015 I have been heavily involved with the University Royal Naval Unit and play sport for the Navy.

I want to be your Postgraduate Officer because I feel that Bath is a fantastic university with amazing students. Unfortunately however, I’ve noticed numerous problems with postgraduate provision and I feel that I am capable of pushing through the changes which need to be made.

Whilst I’ve only studied at the University of Bath for a year I have been at university for four years now and have a lot of experience in working with students and Students’ Unions, since I previously held two key committee positions in a large university sports club. Plus I’ve interned with my local MP which gave me plenty of experience in dealing with people who have opposing aims and views.

If you elect me as your Postgraduate Officer I will strive to:

  • Improve the graduate centre facilities, including eating and cooking space.
  • Campaign for an increase in postgraduate-specific study space across campus and at the new city site.
  • Ensure that all postgraduate lectures, in all departments, are recorded on Panopto lecture recording software from 2016/17.
  • Look to improve sport provision for postgraduate students; such as the inclusion of postgrads within the cheaper returner’s fee sports membership cost, the creation of an inter-postgraduate-department sports league, lecture timetabling which allows postgrads to compete in BUCS, and more on-campus postgrad social sports sessions.
  • Lobby the University to find more postgraduate accommodation in Bath, including designated university halls.
  • Work with the University to increase postgraduate summer internship opportunities, including looking at an optional 3 credit ‘placement’ module.
  • Protect the policy of allowing postgrads to drive into campus, which is a lifeline for many PG students.
  • Work with the university to expand their bursary scheme so that more students may study postgraduate courses.
  • Carry out a survey of postgraduate students to find out what you need moving into the future.

And if you’re wondering how a Postgraduate Officer can help you? I say that I can help improve Bath’s global standing, making your degree worth more, and if you do chose to study a postgraduate course here then my work will make sure it’s an experience you will never forget!