Candidate for the position of Activities Officer

About Me

Hi, I’m Arron MP and I'm standing to be your next Activities Officer!

I've been representing and improving students' experiences since my early volunteering. As a Hall Rep Mentor, Project Leader & Green Champion I supported peersentertained with events & made our campus greener. I've advanced these in larger roles of Chair, Events Coordinator & Volunteer Liaison; maintaining committee welfare, managing large finances & working within your SU.

In my spare time I love dancing, cycling, playing board games and trawling Bath's charity shops.

Vote Arron for Activities to AMP it UP!

Top Priorities

  • Support and Reward Society Committees by transferring paperwork online and improving Exec communication.
  • Develop a transparent room booking system for the Edge.
  • Introduce recycling schemes tailored to our campus.
  • Make the Bath Award less daunting by breaking up application steps and giving progress indicators.

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University is tough, but your Students’ Union gives you the opportunity to meet people, try new things, & do what you love. These are particularly important for Freshers, Postgrads, and Students returning from Placement. I want to be your Activities Officer to give everyone the best experience of university possible.

During my time at university;

  • I’ve been on the Societies Executive as Volunteer Liaison Officer
  • I've coordinated events costing over £3000 in and outside Bath
  • I am the Chair of the Vegetarian Society
  • I’ve been a Freshers’ Week Captain twice
  • I’ve been V Team’s Opportunities Officer
  • I've been Social Sec of Vegetarian Society
  • I am an Academic Rep within Psychology
  • I’ve been the Latin and Ballroom Events Coordinator
  • And I’ve also contributed to Bath Time!

These roles have meant that I have worked with staff and students in every area of the SU. I have also talked with lots of students who aren’t engaged, and I’ve helped develop their involvement through new societies like Ceilidh Society.




  • Review Society Paperwork to streamline it and transfer it to
  • Directly reward Society Committees for their volunteering, beyond award nominations
  • Improve the feedback of Societies’ issues to Societies Exec by creating a direct line of communication for the Exec Chair, to ensure Exec members are attending to their societies’ priorities

The Edge

  • Develop a transparent & accessible automatic room booking system with Edge management
  • Secure the enlarged ground floor for Student Groups to use in term-time evenings
  • Record student use of the Edge to demonstrate its high usage by students to the University, securing our ability to use it in future years

Environmental Issues

  • Introduce Food Waste bins around campus
  • Develop existing recycling with tailored schemes like pizza-box recycling & reverse vending-machines
  • Secure a commitment from the University to go carbon-neutral by 2030, particularly in new buildings like Polden Cafe

Student Development

  • Develop the Student Leaders’ Conference to facilitate sharing, collaboration and interactivity between student groups
  • Make the Bath Award more accessible by reducing daunting paperwork, applications, and make volunteer hours easily stored online
  • Improve Bath Award links to Student Trainers’ Sessions, communicate dates of training at signup


  • Dedicate funds for Postgraduate-accessible Society events and promote these with the Postgraduate Officer’s help

Farmers’ Market

  • Grow the Farmers’ Market to include sale of cheaper fresh vegetables, in addition to widening publicity



I’ve always been energetic, organised and proactive in my approach, and my love of SU events has given me the knowledge and experience to step up and improve yours, so vote Arron MP for Activities and AMP it UP!