Candidate for the position of Activities Officer

Dan Carpenter

About Me

Hi team, Dan here. You might recognise me from such films as Batdan, Danny McPhee, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkadan, and The Hunchback of Notre Dan.

I’ve had a wonderful time doing my degree, with a slew of extra curriculars, and I think this role is the perfect chance for me to give back to the University that’s done so much for me.

I’m in my third and final year of Maths and Physics, but I’m sad to see it all come to an end! This is a tremendous University, with such a dynamic range of people from all sorts of different backgrounds, and it’s great to be a part of it.

Music is my favourite thing in the world, and I devote a lot of my free time to that, singing and playing the trombone and piano. I’m also pretty keen on drama, so BUSMS is like a second home to me.

I’d say I’m a pretty light-hearted person and I like to have fun. If I got the role next year I’d make it my own, and bring to it my energy and drive. Just remember,

Dana Nana Nana Nana
Dana Nana Nana Nana
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If elected, my top priorities will be:

  • Increase society cooperation by encouraging joint-society events
  • Organise more opportunities for societies to advertise themselves per semester
  • Make changes to Joblink to improve the user experience
  • Work with the ICIA to make the Edge more accessible for societies

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Who am I?

I am a final year Maths and Physics student who is super keen to be a part of the SU for another amazing year, and I would love to throw myself into the role of Activities Officer.

I became familiar with the workings of the SU last year whilst on BUSMS committee (which won Best Arts Society at the 2015 Activities Awards), and through directing I have learnt how to run successful events.

Despite the pressures of final year study, I’m still an active member of several arts societies. As graduation draws nearer, however, I realise that I’ve only been able to experience a small fraction of what’s on offer in my time here!

What will I do?

I have seen the great work that's been done in the SU with bringing Societies and Sports closer together, which I would love to continue next year. I would also propose an increase in joint-society events so that more people can participate in a wider range of activities.

In addition to the current annual events in which societies can advertise themselves, I want to have smaller events on Parade and in the SU later in each semester, during which all committees can advertise what their societies have been getting up to together. It would also be an opportunity for newer members to talk about their experiences to prospective members.

I would like to see more cooperation between different society areas, which could be achieved by using a service similar to MyTimetable, but for societies, to make their events more accessible.

One key change I would like to see is better integration with the ICIA so that more student-run activities can take place in the Edge, which is better equipped for Arts societies than lecture rooms.

The activities role covers some areas which I have only witnessed in passing so far, such as Skills Training and the Bath Award. I believe that more awareness needs to be raised of these and despite my limited personal experience with them, I will listen to what others have to say on how to develop them.

This role is an exciting chance for me to develop my understanding of environmental issues, and I would love to bring even more awareness of sustainable development into the day-to-day campus life.

Maintaining Joblink is another role of the Activities Officer, and it’s a system that I’ve used before and I’m quite familiar with. I would make improvements to the way positions are advertised so that you don’t waste time reading about a job you won’t be able to do, for example by displaying the jobs’ start dates in the main view.

I would also continue to encourage enterprise opportunities at the Uni by increasing awareness and support of business competitions such as the Dragons Den and Pop Shop stalls.

Finally, I will conclude with this short quote from the great Shia Labeouf:

Just do it. Don’t let your dreams be dreams.

Much love,

Dan Carpenter.