Dominik has officially withdrawn his candidacy and will not be included in the vote. Read Dominik's withdrawal statement

Candidate for the position of Sport Officer

About Me

I am sure that without sports, I wouldn’t have made it to my final year. Representing the Futsal 1st team as a fresher was special and captaining the team in my second year even more so. I combined captain’s responsibilities with committee experience in a second year which saw football and futsal nominated for club of the year. In addition, I represented Bath’s only Golf team at the time and pushed hard for the creation of another to give more people the chance to play.

I was lucky enough to be chosen as chair of the club which had given me so much and have worked hard to provide students with a range of opportunities to play the beautiful game.

Top Priorities

  • More opportunities for all students to take part in sport - Increased provision of free sport and reduce the burden of playing BUCS.
  • Facilities – Our facility space is insufficient. We need at least one 3G pitch built asap and more student access to new gym and other facilities.
  • Student Leadership programme – Students deserve more support than they are getting. Solution = more mentoring and collective support.
  • Award schemes – An integrated system to apply for all awards (Bath/Blues award, volunteer recognition) saves time and simplifies the path to more prizes.

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Hi, my name is Dominik Nilsson, and I’m running to be your next Sports Officer!

From representing Bath as a fresher, to successfully lobbying for a second golf team, to spending the past year as chair of the football and futsal club, I have participated and volunteered extensively within sport at Bath. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and my university experience has been shaped greatly by the university’s offering of sport. In my years as a committee member and captain, I believe I have developed the necessary skills to further the development of Sport at Bath. Whether it’s competing in a weekly league, socialising with fellow members, or representing the university in an international competition, all students should be able to enjoy everything that sports has to offer. 

If elected, I would look at the following areas:

  • Widening participation: In its new strategy for sport, the SU has pledged to increase student weekly sporting participation from 68% to 80% by 2023. In order to meet this target I will work together with all 48 sports clubs to ensure club membership propositions provide good value and are inclusive and open to all members. This will also involve the expansion of the current Bath Active programme allowing students to participate in free sporting activities.
  • Mental health in Sport: Studies show that physical activity has a positive impact on our mood, reduces stress and anxiety, and helps us sleep better. I will continue Andy’s work by expanding the Exercise Peer Mentor Scheme as well as collaborating with clubs to arrange mental health awareness sessions/events.  
  • Student Leadership programme: Sport provides the ideal platform for students to develop their leadership skills. With 300+ active student sport volunteers and leaders, I will construct a programme which looks to support and develop students who are interested in future leadership positions. Opportunities to network with alumni as well as students across different clubs will be provided. 
  • Inspired by the best: We have dozens of elite athletes training on our campus every year and it is my hope that we can arrange speaking or showcase events allowing these high-calibre athletes to engage with the student cohort. This should inspire more people to get involved in/further themselves through sport.
  • Inspired by each other: There is no feeling quite like game-day. But what is game-day without the support of fans and fellow students? I will work with clubs to increase incentives and generate greater student support at BUCS games and tournaments.

Other priorities include: 

  • a comprehensive free sports timetable with all clubs contributing slots
  • imminent construction of 3G pitch 
  • improved access to STV and campus sports facilities for all students 
  • enhancement of the Sports Volunteer Recognition scheme 

Through playing sport at Bath, I have made best friends and collected memories which will last a lifetime. My main wish is that as many students as possible get to enjoy such experiences and create memories of their own.