Candidate for the position of SU President

About Me

Hi everyone, I’m Eve and I’m your current SU President!

As a student, I was:

  • Freshers’ Week Event Manager: organising induction for 4,500 students
  • RAG Chair: raising over £60,000 for charity
  • Chair of D&S Exec: introducing Welfare and Inclusivity Officers into Sports Teams
  • NUS Delegate: writing national policy on inclusivity in Sport

I will provide continuity for students during a period of change in the University. You can trust me to challenge our new VC on issues you care about.

So if you want me as your SU President for another year, Don’t Stop BeliEVEing!

Top Priorities

  • Hold First Bus accountable for value for money and Secure GPS Bus Tracker App
  • Ensure new VC responds to issues that you care about
  • Improve mental health provision
  • Campaign on housing quality and cost

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As your current SU President this year I have already:

  • Successfully lobbied First to reverse the U1 bus route changes, securing local resident and MP support
  • Recruited our new VC and Chair of University Council
  • Acquired the Virgil Building Café as an SU Venue
  • Secured compensation for Polden Residents for construction delays
  • Challenged Senior Management on accommodation costs, governance reform and mental health provision

And there’s still much more to do!

I’ve built this manifesto on conversations I’ve had with you guys so I can be sure it reflects your worries and concerns.

Last year you BeliEVEd in Eve, so this year: Don't Stop BeliEVEing!


  • Hold First accountable to ensure value for money
  • Lobby for a cheaper U1/U2 only annual bus pass
  • Maintain regular meetings with First and Senior Management to prevent this year’s chaos repeating itself 
  • Secure that GPS Bus Tracker App that’s had to take a back seat this year

VC and Governance Reform

  • Provide consistency and continuity for students as the new VC settles in
  • Build my relationship with the VC to ensure partnership but maintain accountability
  • Continue implementing Governance Reform and push for greater diversity on the University’s Council

Accommodation & Hospitality

  • Encourage use of the new Marks out of Tenancy scheme to track private sector housing quality and highlight poor landlords
  • Secure a University Accommodation Strategy to manage future rent increases and ensure long-term affordability
  • Launch a #ReadyToRent campaign, highlighting tenancy rights and house-hunting tips

Space and queues

  • Secure commitment and investment from the new VC for a solution to library overcrowding
  • Work with Computing Services to develop study space heat-mapping software
  • Lobby the University for more Microwaves to reduce queues to reheat food
  • Convert the results of the Doctoral Office Space survey into tangible campaign action

Internal SU

  • Review our Policy Round and explore the option of a Union Council-like function to reform our democratic processes and enhance our student-led value
  • Organise frequent ‘Women in Leadership’ talks from inspirational women throughout the year to inspire student
  • Review the Volunteer Recognition Scheme and improve training sessions to increase support and recognition for student leaders
  • Raise the profile of Politics and Activism by linking them in with national campaigns to mobilise students
  • Support Media in measuring content reach and impact to build communication strategies that increase audiences
  • Introduce Score branded water bottles so you can rehydrate when you stay up late xo

Mental Health & Inclusivity & International

  • Carry out research and campaign activities to improve intersectional mental health support
  • Create a mental health fund to subsidise external mental health support for students
  • Review the international student experience during Freshers’ Week and investigate the possibility of early arrivalfor international students
  • See that the #NeverOK Race and Religious hate-crime campaigns receive the same visibility as the sexual harassment campaign


Don’t Stop BeliEVEing! Vote Eve for SU President!


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