Candidate for the position of Activities Officer

About Me

I am confident to say I am ready to step up to become your next Activities Officer.

  • I was your Activities Administrator last semester, getting first hand experience in the office regarding the running of societies and helping to organise events such as Masquerade Ball
  • As your Environmental Rep, I created a proposal to install a Reverse Vending Machine on our campus. The proposal was taken up and eventually accepted.,/li>

These are just some of the achievements and involvements I have had in this SU. I would love to work with you next year to develop and improve SU Activities.

Top Priorities

  • Improve communication between the Activities Office and you via weekly drop-in hours, and by establishing clear timelines for procedures , support , and emails.
  • Encourage and incentivise inter-group events, empowering students outside of committees to lead projects and events, and showcasing this at the Activities Awards.
  • Improve the relationship between the SU, its Groups and the Edge by introducing regular meetings with the SU , and relevant groups to be updated on changes.
  • Increase collaboration with inter-university sustainability networks to facilitate exchange of and projects on how we can make our SU more sustainable.

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This is your SU! Here’s how I’ll get you involved:

One of your concerns is that getting involved with Activities can be tedious, difficult and stressful. This is why my main focus will be to ensure that being part of a group, or running it, is engagingfun, and rewarding.

  • I’ll work over summer to create short, fun video guides on all things SU, so that you will find it easy to get involved, rather than overwhelmed!


  • Improve communication between the Activities Office and you via weekly drop-in hours, and by establishing clear timelines for proceduressupport, and emails.


  • Got nothing to do? Having trouble finding what’s going on? I will work over summer with the Web Team to create an “I’m bored” button on so that you can easily find the events that you want, based on your interests.


What I’ll do for our Societies:

  • Lobby to ensure Faith Groups have a space on campus where they can organise cultural events for their members


  • Include the Look After Your Mate training in the SU training day to make members’ mental health paramount to committees.


  • Change the structure of General Meetings to make it more interactive, fun and productive by:

    • Including permanent feedback boards and ensuring the SU engages with your comments.

    • Having shorter updates from the Officer

    • Including an update from the Exec Publicity Coordinator on upcoming events


  • Encourage and incentivise inter-group events, empowering students outside of committees to lead projects and events, and showcasing this at the Activities Awards.


  • Improve the relationship between the SU, its Groups and the Edge:

    • Introduce regular meetings between the SU, relevant groups and the Edge to be updated on changes.

    • Aim to reinstate the previous ticketing system:

    • Lobby for student shows to be again advertised on

    • Establish clear provisions for show incomes to be transferred to society accounts more quickly.



It was great to see that my proposal to install a Reverse Vending Machine was taken up and accepted. I want to continue this work as your Activities Officer by:

  • Working with Enactus to aid and develop their project of a sustainable, local fruit & veg shipping to the university.


  • Organising a large-scale end-of-year swap-shop to avoid clothes and other objects being thrown away


  • Incentivising students to bring forward proposals for environmental campaigns


  • Increasing collaboration with inter-university sustainability networks to facilitate the exchange of projects on how we can make our SU more sustainable.  


  • Lobbying to increase the number of water fountains across campus


I’ll help you develop your skills

  • Most people are unaware the Student Employee Awards exist. I will increase their visibility and prestige, and include them in the Activities Awards.   


  • I’ll Introduce physical boards advertising Job Opportunities in the SU building, and making them more advertised through the plasma screens.


  • I’ll increase outreach and collaboration between Societies and Enterprise Groups, and working to establish clear guidelines on how the SU can support them.