Candidate for the position of Activities Officer

Katherine Moynihan

About Me

I’m Katherine, I’m in my final year of a Biochemistry degree, and I want to help you make your time at Bath the best it can be! From my first year, the Students’ Union has helped me find things to focus on outside of my education. Whether it’s in Societies, on committees, or with my love of Trampolining; these experiences have made my time at University one I will never forget, and have helped me find balance when Uni work gets tough. My interests outside of the SU include making music, cooking, baking, and skiing, but nothing beats relaxing with friends at the end of a long day!

If elected, my top priorities will be:

  • Help get you feeling INVOLVED and INCLUDED!
  • Give you an improved and enhanced Societies Ball in 2016/17!
  • Ensure you TRY SOMETHING NEW in Refresh Week 2017!
  • Develop YOUR career prospects!

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I am a firm believer that your university experience is about much more than your academic education.

I want to help YOU get involved in your Students’ Union so you can create memories and develop skills that will stay with you long after you’ve left Bath.

Having helped negotiate your Top 10 issues with the Vice-Chancellor, been a Freshers’ Week Captain, represented departmental societies on the Societies Exec and held core roles in both Society and Sport committees, I have a broad range of experience within the Students’ Union.

I intend to integrate all aspects of this experience to provide you with accessible and dynamic opportunities that will define your time at Bath beyond what you learn in your lectures.

Here are some things I will work towards if elected as Activities Officer:

Don’t feel involved?

  • I promise to help you find something you love within the Students’ Union.

Improve YOUR career prospects!

I will:

  • Work with the Bath Award team to promote its accessibility and develop its online presence to make you more employable.
  • Continue to enhance the Skills Training program and encourage more students to become Student Trainers.
  • Boost your relationship with the JobLink team so you can find a job you love, in harmony with your degree.

Don’t feel included?

Bath has all the ingredients to become an incredibly dynamic campus, with our high proportion of international students, increasing number of postgraduates and range of diverse student groups. I aim to:

  • Build upon the great foundation set by the Inclusivity Award this year to make sure there are no barriers to you getting involved in all the activities you choose!
  • Alongside this, work closely with the Community Officer in promoting inclusivity within Societies.

Let’s have a Ball!

  • After the successful launch of the Societies Masquerade Ball this year, I will commit to its growth and help turn it into a hallmark event for you and your respective Society.

Refresh What?

  • Through active communication with Marketing and the Officer Team, I look to enhance the current Refresh Week framework and make it more fruitful for both your Society, and those looking to try something new!

Troubles with Training?

  • I will look at facilitating the movement of all committee-training resources online, so they are accessible whenever you might need them!
  • To give you training most relevant to your role, I will explore area specific training sessions, lead by Exec members, at both the handover stage and the start of the new academic year.

Nowhere to rehearse?

  • In advancing the growing rapport with the ICIA and Edge team, I aim to reduce and resolve your rehearsal space issues.

If I haven’t honed it in enough… Overall, I simply want to enrich your experience at Bath! I have loved my time here and all the opportunities the Students’ Union has given me – I don’t want you to leave here without feeling the same!

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