Candidate for the position of Activities Officer

Marcus Ruddle

About Me

Hi everyone!

If you’ve made it here you probably want to know more about who I am or maybe you just got lost on… Either way, read on for a quick bio!

I started A-levels not knowing what I wanted to do at Uni and ended up applying for Chemistry for no better reason than I enjoyed it. That decision brought me to Bath and was therefore one of the best I have yet made. Getting stuck into the Union has made the last few years the best of my life so far.

Getting involved in something you’re passionate about can turn university from being work focussed into so much more than that. Personally, it was getting stuck into Chem:Soc and playing hockey for the mighty sevenths as a fresher and then the next year playing with ChaOS got me into the arts on campus. Along the way I have been treasurer for Chem:Soc and now also the Socs Exec, both roles which I have hugely enjoyed.

For me, being Activities officer is the change to give something back to a community which has given me so much.

Don’t muddle about your choice for activities, Just Vote Ruddle!

If elected, my top priorities will be:

  • I want More SU for More Students so as the student body grows we can support everyone
  • I will stand against Dwindling Resources so societies can keep offering great activities to students
  • I will create an advertising wall in the SU for societies and sport so students know What's On Where
  • I pledge to initiate a fundamental Rebuild of to make it easier to use

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What does the SU mean to YOU?

I'm sure you all have a different answer to that question. Whether you just use it as a place to have lunch or are a member of multiple clubs and societies, the Union exists to make your student life about more than just work.

Societies make a huge difference to a huge number of students. They provide new friends, the chance to do something you're passionate about and an excuse to avoid work whenever possible! But societies aren’t the limit of what I, as YOUR Activities Officer, would strive to improve.

Skills Training, Joblink, Enterprise and the Bath Award are all amazing opportunities that the SU offers and some of them are vastly under used. There are simple things we can do to improve this and I believe I can make the right changes in the right places.

Here are some of the things I want to work on:

1) More SU for More Students

More students = more diversity. As our student body grows we need to make sure the Union has something to offer all students in terms of both facilities and activities. Allowing more societies in would cause more problems than it’s worth. However, there are ways we could get the same benefits by improving the societies we have and properly utilising the tiers system.

2) Dwindling resources.

Money, support, space: All things that student groups need. All things that are running out. I don’t believe that the University appreciate how much we, as societies, contribute to the student experience. Moves to restrict access to rooms and space in the Edge will suffocate student groups and are symptoms of a wider issue with resources which I plan to take a hard line on.

3) What's On Where?

Some parts of the union are under used. Why? Because people simply don’t know about them. I want a wall in the SU devoted to showing exactly what's on offer all of the time. This would include permanent advertising space dedicated to societies and sports clubs.


Let’s face it, this website is a labyrinth even the Minotaur couldn’t navigate. The time has come to look at huge changes to the online face of the SU. I want to initiate a rethink and redesign of bathstudent to make it more helpful and more useful for everyone.

5) Getting Something Back

Improving your employability is a fundamental part of University. Helping societies build relationships with employers and facilitating activities to widen job prospects and broaden horizons is a great way of doing this.

Having been involved in a range of societies, as well as treasurer for both Chem:Soc and the Societies Executive, I would love to have the chance to represent you as your Activities Officer.

A vote for me is a vote for a Bigger, Better, Bolder SU.

Don't Muddle, Vote RUDDLE!

Any questions? Email me:

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