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About Me

Like many of you, one thing I have really enjoyed during my time here is the range of opportunities that are available both inside and outside of academics to support your personal development. As students, we can have huge impact through improving the university experience of our peers by making our voices heard; and also, in the local community.

Coming from an ethnic minority background, I appreciate the importance of representation. However, I am not only running to represent the voice of other underrepresented groups; I am running to represent one thing we all have in common; the Student voice.

Top Priorities

  • Improve the support and resources available to students on placement.
  • Re-evaluating the way online unit evaluations are implemented.
  • Work with existing Peer Support schemes and implement these schemes across wider range of departments.
  • Continue promoting the importance of mental health and wellbeing and equip students with the right tools to manage stress.

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Hey, I’m Ruqia (Ruqs) and I am running to be your next education officer! During my time at university so far, I have had the opportunity to be on the committee for the Islamic society for two years, take on the position of an academic rep and be a fresher’s week captain. Being the current chair of the African and Caribbean society and the NUS Black Student’s conference delegate, I am well aware of how the needs of students vary across different groups and have developed the right skills to be the best  possible candidate for this position. Student representation is important, and I will make sure that the voices of all student groups are equally represented and heard.

Top Priorities

Student Engagement

  •  Continue supporting curriculum transformation and ensure that the student voice is heard.
  • Continue working on introducing more diverse reading lists where applicable.
  • Explore innovative ways to improve student engagement with their representatives and in SSLCS.
  • Push for more transparency around the attainment gap and directly liaise with affected student groups to explore ways to tackle this problem.

Placement Support

  • Increase the level of support available for students before and during the time of their placement.
  • Have appropriate and clearly defined tools in place for students to report any incidences with the option to do so anonymously.
  • Ensure students have access to the correct resources when it comes to their mental health and wellbeing during their placement.


  •   Keep pushing for more lectures to be recorded on Panopto  across all departments.
  •   Keep the online unit evaluations   open for longer window of time and introduce midway evaluations across a wider range of units.

Mental Health

Stress has been shown to impact academic performance, with particular student groups being more vulnerable than others.

  • Expand  the stress-free campus initiative further to help students learn how to manage high levels of stress, and find a healthy work-life balance, especially during freshers’ week.
  •  Promote peer support and equip students with the right tools to be able to support each other through promoting workshops including ‘Look after your mate’.

Peer Support

  •  Work with the peer support systems that are already in place including PALs and make sure they are properly implemented across a wider range of departments.
  • Find new ways to improve the efficiency of the Peer Mentor system.

Remember, if elected, I would be representing YOUR views, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch and let me know which changes YOU would like to see.

Remember to vote and have a say in your edRUQation.

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