Candidate for the position of Sport Officer

About Me

Hey everyone! I’m Tom, and I’m running to be your SU Sport officer!

I’m a 4th year Physicist, Volleyball chair, and performance and recreational coach. I’ve held multiple committee roles from Men’s 1st team Captain, to social secretary. Over this time, I have:

  • Founded development and sitting volleyball programs.
  • Increased inclusivity to postgraduate, disability and LGBT+ students, and planned a more inclusive 2019 tour.
  • Introduced club wellbeing initiatives such as yoga and self-care sessions.
  • Secured sponsorship from Wessex Water and Morgan Stanley.

Outside of sport, I love cooking, cocktail bartending, playing guitar and watching The Office (U.S, of course…).

Top Priorities

  • Increase recreational participation by setting up regular ‘speed dating’- style sports events.
  • Collaborate with the department of Health to provide sport education for SU sport members.
  • Maximise efficiency of our current facilities and find new ways to use alternative facilities.
  • Improving the #BlueAndGold spirit with weekly ‘Sport showcases’ and Alumni Varsity.

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I have loved getting involved in sport at Bath, and empowering others to do the same. I’ve worked to improve club sustainability, inclusivity and bridge the gap between recreational and competitive teams.

As your Sport officer, I want to help create a collaborative, inclusive environment allowing students to engage with sport on every level. I’ll take a hands-on approach, and use my experience to work closely with committees, ensuring your sporting offers improve.

If elected, here are some areas I will be working to improve:


Recreational participation

Not found your sport yet? No worries! I will set up regular ‘speed dating’- style sports events where you can get involved in loads of different sports in 15 minute intervals!


Volunteer recognition

Committee members- I will ensure a better reward system for club members who are driving positive change in their club, in the form of monthly awards.

Coaches- I will set up a mentorship scheme to train, qualify and reward volunteer coaches. This will result in a more sustainable year-to-year coaching structure for clubs that struggle to find coaching staff.



I will work with the Postgraduate and Community Officers to ensure earlier targets are set for the inclusivity award. This will ensure proactive marketing to underrepresented groups at the beginning of each semester.


Performance Sport

Current facility allocations mean that a saturation is being reached for many BUCS teams. I will work to ensure our sports facilities are opened to the public later on Wednesdays to allow for more BUCS fixtures, and hence, more BUCS teams.


Educating athletes

By utilising the expertise of the Department of Health, we can educate everyone involved in SU sport on how to get more from their sporting lives! Whether pre-game warmups or post-workout nutrition, let’s ask the experts!



Linking with schools around Bath - I will work with clubs to help them form relationships with local schools, coaching their students in return for their facility spaces.

Earlier opening times - I will ensure the STV opens all facilities at their in-week opening time of 6am, to maximise the time over which they can be used.

Buses - I will work with First to ensure the demands are met for 6am and 7am sessions. 


The #BlueAndGold spirit

Come and support- Each week, we will have a ‘Sport Showcase’, choosing one sport and running a huge event with music, freebies and media coverage to improve spectator engagement.

Alumni Varsity - A weekend-long event, hosting our alumni for a massive showdown. Graduation shouldn't be the end of university life!



The list doesn’t end there, I want to hear your ideas! Come and chat to me around campus, or send me a message!


The reign of the Galloway is over…. #Time4Tom!

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