What We Do

The University of Bath Association Football and Futsal Club aims to provide every student at the University of Bath an opportunity to be able to play football or futsal.

The club is primarily split into six key playing areas:

  • Men's BUCS - Representational
  • Women's BUCS - Representational and Development
  • Futsal - Representational, Competitive Recreational and Social
  • 11-a-side Recreational - Inter-department and Inter-halls Recreational Football Leagues
  • 6-a-side - Social leagues
  • E-Sports - Competitive FIFA Tournaments

Reasons to Join Us

  • Over 500 people play Football and Futsal at Bath in a variety of different forms - there is something for everyone.
  • Over 80 people coach, volunteer or captain football and futsal at Bath, thus enhacing our member's CVs and giving them examples of work to reflect on during interviews and applications.
  • We have a vibrant social calender, managed by each team's Social Secretary.

Inclusivity Awards

UoBFC has been awarded the Inclusivity Award for the 2020/21 season, having previously been awarded the award for the 2019/20 season at a silver level. This was awarded due to 2 years worth of work to impove participation of Women's members, postgraduates, the LGBT+ community and allow club activities to be more available to members of a lower socio-economic group, as well as promotion of non-alcohol orientated socials.

We are extremely proud of our attempts to be a progressive and welcoming club. If you have any concerns, ideas or inspirations into fighting prejudice, please contact our Welfare and Inclusivity Officer below.

The Women's sections of our club have also recieved the inclusivity award in 2017 and 2018.


Inter-halls football league 2021/22
9th October 1pm - 28th May 1pm
University of Bath
An eleven-a-side inter-halls league with matches on Saturdays throughout term.
Halls Event



Club Development Officer (CDO)

IDFC Coordinator

Inter-Halls Coordinator

Men's Football Rep

Men's Futsal Representative


Social Media Coordinator


Welfare and Inclusivity Officer

Women's Football Rep

Women's Futsal Representative

Please note that to take part in any of our club's football activities, you will need to purchase a £20 "All Sports" Membership and the FREE Club Membership, which covers everything from equipment, kit and referees to insurance for the year. This can be purchased on the left-hand-side navigator.
We are in the process of improving and updating these pages. If you have a suggestion of how to improve our site, please contact su-associationfootball@bath.ac.uk

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