Recreational Football: Inter-Halls, IDFC, 6-a-side & Futsal

The University of Bath Football and Futsal Club offer many ways to play recreational sport on campus. The opportunity to play football for either your first year halls, your course, or even both, is open to everyone and we are proud to be able offer recreational offer at the quality we do.

Please note that all forms of recreational football are available only to members of the University of Bath Association Football and Futsal Club.

The Inter Halls Competition is run throughout the year with players playing for the Halls which they are currently living in or lived in during their Fresher year. If you are interested to play for any of the below teams, please contact our Inter-Halls Coordinator, check out the facebook page here or contact the relevant captain(s).

Trials will take place at the start of the year, with matches every Saturday and training on Friday afternoons on the STV astros. All information will be posted on Facebook and twitter, including the league table, culminating in a top four play-off at the end of the year to decide the champions. Please note however you can join a team at any point in the year.

Halls Team Where? Captain(s) Facebook Group Friday training slot on STV astros 

Eastwood North Tropics

Houses 1-31

Josh Evans (

Tropics Group 16:00-17:00

Eastwood South Sinkers

Houses 32-59

Luca Famiglietti (

Sinkers Group 15:00-16:00

West Westwood Weasels

Conygre, Mendip, Polden, Quarry

Josh Gooding (

Weasels Group  17:00-18:00

East Westwood Wanderers

Quantock Cotswold, Derhill, Wolfson, Brendon Court

Will Honychurch (

Wanderers Group 17:00-18:00

Norwood & Woodland Wolves

Norwood, Woodland Court

Joey Davidge (

Norwood Group 15:00-16:00

City Slickers

City (John Wood, Carpenter House), Quads A&B

Ben Hopkins (

City Group 14:00-15:00

Marlborough and Solsbury Saints

Marlborough Court, Solbury Court

Joshua Chan (

Saints Group 16:00-17:00

Quads Quails

Quads C,D,E

James Thompson (

Quails Group  14:00-15:00


Inter-Department Football (IDFC)

IDFC runs throughout the year on a Wednesday afternoon as an alternative competitive football opportunity to BUCS representational football. The competition is compiled of two highly competitive leagues, both made up of ten teams, with the top teams in each league eventually battling it out for the IDFC trophy.

Recruitment for players will commence in late-September/early-October by the department team captains. You can, however, join at any point throughout the year.

To stay up to date with everything join our IDFC Facebook group. If you are interested in playing, get in touch with the appropriate captain or Facebook group below. If yours is not listed, please get in touch. Please be aware that some departments have multiple teams!

For general questions, please contact the IDFC Coordinator (George Rayner).

Club Captain Facebook Group


Alfie Palmer

Bioscience Group

BUMS FC (Maths)

Harry Kidd

BUMS Group

Chemical Engineering

Josh Evans

Chem. Eng. Group


Siddhant Dey

TeamBEST Group

SASS (Sport and Social Science)

Ben Whelan

SASS Group

IMML (International Management and Modern Languages)

Zackary Sherman

IMML Group


Lukas Atesli

Management Group

Team Maths

Luck Lobato

Maths Group

Mech. Eng.

George Tanner

Mech. Eng. Group

MoLES (Modern Languages)

Charlie Sidwell

MoLES Group

ACE Football (Architecture)

Tom Pearson

ACE Group

BEAMES (Mech. and Elec. Engineering)

Ingram Howson, Jack Parsons,

Beames Group


Noah Bradley

Chemistry Group

Computer Science

Tom Mackintosh, Nicolas RC,

Comp. Sci. Group

Electrical Engineering

Luck Loescher

Elec. Eng. Group

Natural Sciences

Toby Whitfield

Nat. Sci. Group


Tennyson Cerase

Pharmacy Group


Nick Hauge Jones

Physics Group

Sports Sciences

Rohan Walters

Sports Sciences Group

SPS (Social and Policy Sciences)

Jake Weston

SPS Group

Watch the Match of the Day highlights of the IDFC final of 2015, where Sport and Social Science (SASS) won the IDFC Trophy following their Premiership win.

6-a-side and Futsal

6-a-side leagues run on Mondays and Tuesdays weekly for Men, while a Friday slot is available for Women's 6-a-side tournaments on Fridays- look out for announcements for these.

If you would like to enter a team for 6-a-side, please contact the 6-a-side coordinator (George Rayner) or join our 6-a-side group.


Futsal leagues are also available with our recreational offer. These futsal leagues run on Mondays and Thursdays. If you would like to enter a team, please see the Intramural Futsal League group or contact our Rec Futsal Coordinator (George Rayner).

Our recreational teams were taken to the next level by TeamBEST (our Economics IDFC team) in 2019, who won the University section of the FA People's Cup, winning the national finals at St. George's Park.

We will be running the FA People's Cup again in 2020. Keep your eyes peeled for this- who knows, maybe you'll beat the defending champions?


*How to join the Bath University Community Groups*

In order to join this group, you must be confirm that you have an email:

  • For freshers, this will be the username that you are given to access the university SAMIS for your offers/timetables (e.g. eg2197) followed by (e.g. To do this, go to your facebook timeline (timeline -> about -> contact and basic info) and add your email as one of your emails. This will send you a confirmation to your email account.
  • This can be logged in to at office 365 using this email and the same password you set up your SAMIS with- confirm this as your email.
  • Now go back to the IDFC group and you should now be able to join.

If you have any difficulties, please email . We apologies that this is the system- we are working on changing this soon.