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FRESHERS (inc. Postgraduates) - SEPTEMBER 2023

Welcome arriving freshers to the University of Bath Hockey Club. To keep up to date with everything going on during freshers' week and future events, make sure to follow us on social media platforms, where you can sign up for trials, and join our facebook group through the linktree in our bio.


From September 3rd, we begin Preseason for our performance squad and September 11th for our wider club programme. For arriving first years, this is on an invitation basis so that we can accomodate you. Registration for performance preseason has now closed, if you are still interested in signing up, send an email to Luke Cunningham, at ljc95@bath.ac.uk

Freshers' Week 

If you have any questions before trials take place send us an email, otherwise come and find us at the Sports Fair on the Wednesday. Trials will take place on the astro pitches through the Sports Training Village.

Ladies Trials:

Monday 25th September 13:00 - 14:30

Men's Trials:

Monday 25th September 11:30 - 13:00

In the event you cannot attend trials, you are allowed to attend the Taster Session below.

We will also be providing a Taster Session, as an alternative to trials, for any players looking to pick up the sport for the first time or hockey players not intending on playing BUCS hockey - this will feed through to our Recreational sides. 

Taster Session:

Tuesday 16:00 - 17:30 and Friday 11:00 - 13:00

If you have a stick please bring it along; however, we do have a supply of sticks for anyone to use so anyone can come along.

Please note any incoming student seeking to play BUCS Hockey must attend trials.

If due to external circumstances this is not possible please email the Chair - Luke Cunningham (ljc95@bath.ac.uk). 

The Club is also open to any incoming post-graduates or returning students not previously part of the Club.