University of Bath Men's Lacrosse

Known as the fastest game on two feet, lacrosse is a perfect blend of physicality, speed and skill - think rugby meets hockey, but six feet off the ground. Almost all of us had never played before university, meaning this is the perfect sport to pick up if you're looking for something fresh and exciting.

There are three men's teams, two competing in BUCS (inter-university) leagues and one development team in a regional league, meaning new players can get involved immediately.

Men's 1st Team

Established in 2008, the first team has been making massive strides since this introduction, quickly getting promoted multiple times to reach the Southern Premiership, which they won in 2016 and have continued to compete in fiercely. Ex-players have gone on to the highest level of lacrosse, with international athletes representing countries from Wales to France, competing in world championships, and captaining the England Universities team. Many of these players only picked up a lacrosse stick for the first time at university.

Our tight-knit team spends a lot of time training together, whether this is practising our skills, working on our strength and fitness, or discussing tactics and watching game footage in our weekly Chalk and Talks. All of this hard work goes towards winning our Wednesday BUCS matches, including a huge build-up to some heavyweight clashes against our long-standing rivals, Bristol & Oxford. 

If you're an experienced player already and want to get involved, please contact our men's first team captain, Billy Rawlins (

Men's 2nd Team

The 2019/20 season saw the debut of the University of Bath Men's 2nd team, which gives beginner players the opportunity to play BUCS lacrosse matches within weeks of picking up the sport.

The M2s went undefeated in their first season winning both the Western 2A league and the Western Conference cup. In the 2020/21 season, they will be competing in the Western 1A league with regular Wednesday BUCS fixtures.

Men's "3rd" Team

The 2019/20 season not only saw the debut of the men's 2nd team, but also the debut of our 3rd team which competes in the SEMLA Cotswolds 2 league. As a non-BUCS team, all games take place on Saturdays and see competition against teams such as Oxford University, Oxford City and Bristol Bombers.

The SEMLA team gives everyone the opportunity to play games from the beginning of the year. So, if you're interested in starting lacrosse and want to play for us please get in contact with our men's development officer Tom Stansfield (


In any ordinary year, the men’s teams come together and have a two-week preseason, full to the brim with scrimmages, training, fitness, team-bonding and socials! Unfortunately, due to COVID, we have no official preseason happening this year! For more information or any questions that you might have, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our 1st team captain: 

2020/21 Men’s 1st Team Captain – Billy Rawlins –

Bathletes - who dey?

Alongside the existing university team, we also have a touring team composed of exiles (Alumni) and current uni boys. This team, known as the 'Bathletes' plays annually at some of the largest lacrosse tournaments in Europe, such as Bluesfest in London and Lowlands in Amsterdam. 

This aspect of the club is growing constantly growing and we are looking to meet up ever more frequently in the summer to come, it's well worth getting involved...