Socials in the Lacrosse Club

The University of Bath Lacrosse Club is one of the biggest and best social clubs at Bath. With over 50 mixed socials throughout the year, there’s always a great crowd of people to hang with. Our themes and traditions are often imitated but never matched, with a welcoming environment and a plentiful supply of refreshing boundies. No lacrosse ability or playing time is required - many of our members don’t play but turn up on Wednesdays for our incredibly entertaining events - over half of our club are social members!

Most of our Wednesday socials are held at the Ale House, a prestigious venue right next to the North Parade bus stop. Starting at 8 pm every week, all team members, social members and excited freshers flock down in wild and vibrant fancy dress themes for a memorable night of fun. Games are played, drinks are finished and great times are had before we pile onto the U1 to head to Score (the SU Wednesday club night). A Wednesday night with Lacrosse is always an amazing night. 

Our themes stretch far and wide, with creative costumes aplenty. Some examples are Tight and Bright, Pokemon, Top Gun and Tour De Fresh, which always draw some of our best nights and the most unforgettable outfits. 

We also meet for our famous all-day socials throughout the term, such as Lacrossemas and End of Season. Ask anybody who has attended and they won’t stop telling their best stories from these events - these are some that you do not want to miss

Early socials and how to attend

Our first social is always the classic Blue and Yellow, dress up in our university colours to show your Bath spirit and head down to the Ale House for a welcoming atmosphere and thrilling time. Just remember that 8 is late!

To come and join us, check our Facebook for that week's event and theme, or just turn up to the Ale House at 8 pm on a Wednesday - we'd love to have you there!

Early on each year, we host our Welcome Social, where Freshers make friends with Seniors by being tied up to them. A social bar crawl mixed with a three-legged race, what's not to love! A small piece of advice: the wilder your outfit the better an impression you'll make!

Bath Lacrosse Socials:

  • The best social club in Bath

  • Welcoming and fun for everyone, even if you don’t play

  • Every Wednesday night

  • You won’t want to miss the big ones

Ale House Address: 1 York St, Bath BA1 1NG

Don’t hesitate to reach out for help or questions!