All your frequently asked questions answered


Am I am member of the Students' Union?

Yes! All students at the University of Bath, at every level of study, are members of the SU.

Where can I find out about events for PGTs?

The SU run events specifically for PGT students. Want to be the first to know about PGT events? Join the PGT Community, and follow SUBathPG on instagram! 

What opportunities can I get involved with while I am here?

There are many opportunities to get involved while you study at Bath. Click on the links below to find out more:

Are there diversity and support groups I can join?

Yes, the SU has several diversity and support groups, which are free for all students to join, no matter your level of study. Find out more about our diversity and support groups here:

Where can I get Advice and Support?

Both the SU and University offer advice and support on a range of issues. 

What wellbeing and mental health services are on offer?

The University runs a Wellbeing Service which offers support on a variety of issues, in addition to a dedicated mental health service. The University also runs the Be Well programme, which includes events, activities and courses to support student wellbeing. Find out more here:

Where can I find advice and support with the cost of living?

Find out tip and tricks to reduce your expenses and information about the financial support on offer from the University here:

What support can I get with academic issues?

The SU Advice and Support team offer guidance on a range of academic issues, from changing course to submitting an IMC.

Is there academic skills training available?

Yes! The University has a variety of workshops and resources to help you improve your academic skills. Find out more about what is on offer here:

Where can I find information about student accommodation? What support is available?

The University has a wealth of information and guidance about student accommodation, including where to log maintainance issues. The SU's Advice and Support service can also support students with accommodation issues. Find out more here:

Where can I get advice and information about my visa?

Any questions and concerns about visas should be directed to the University's Student Immigration Service. 

Who can I speak to about bullying and harrassment?

If you've been affected by bullying or harassment, there are several different teams at the University you can choose to speak to. Bullying and harassment is not your fault, and all of the services can support you whether you want to make a formal complaint or just need someone to talk to. Each of these contacts is utterly confidential.

Is you question missing? Contact us at pgvoice@bath.ac.uk