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Postgraduate Volunteering


Volunteer Student Photographers – Your Park www.yourpark.org.uk 

We are looking for volunteer photographers to contribute Your Park Facebook page and share experiences of being in nature and visiting a park.  

  • Use your creative skills and ingenuity to capture the feeling of being outside in a green space (whatever the weather!) 
  • Capture the freedom and energy of being in a park  
  • Share the experience of the park as a space to relax, taking time out to benefit mental health, meet friends and get closer to nature  

If you wanted to you could use props - bikes, trainers, picture frames, umbrellas ...   Don’t forget:  

• Observe social distancing rules and stay safe in the park 

• Please be careful not to photograph people, particularly children without their permission 

• Tell us which park the photos were taken in!  

What to do with the images  

Please email your photos and the name of the park to me Saffron (ssg50@bath.ac.uk ) or alternatively please upload them to the V Graduate Teams Page (if you need help being added to this please feel free to get in contact) If there is anything you want to say about the inspiration for the images or a description do let us know ? If you would like to be credited as the photographer, then please let us know who are you are.  Thank you! 

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If you have any queries or would like information on any aspect of volunteering email volunteers@bath.ac.uk


If you have any queries or would like further information please email volunteers@bath.ac.uk