Volunteering opportunities for Postgraduates. Amazing chances to make a difference outside of your typical day to day work.

Volunteering for Postgraduate and Doctoral Students

Get the most from your time at University by doing some volunteering alongside studying. Whether you are a doctoral or postgraduate student, there are real benefits to be had.

 - Get involved with causes you are passionate about (such as sustainability or education)
 - Develop and strengthen transferrable skills valued by employers 
 - Make connections with fellow doctoral and postgraduate students
 - Enjoy the mental health benefits (meet new people, get outdoors, make a difference in your local community)

One of the priorities for this year's SU Postgraduate Officer Jura Neverauskaite is to develop activities which improves the experience for PGT students at the University of Bath. Volunteering can be a great way for the Postgraduate community to come together, pursue their passions, improve their wellbeing and develop skills.

If you have an idea of a volunteering activity you would like to run, get in touch with the SU Volunteering Team at volunteers@bath.ac.uk  

Alternatively there are a number of one off Volunteering Opportunities (thesubath.com). that the University has set up with a number of local charities and oganisations.


Doctoral Students 

University of Bath PhD student Lyndsay Christie ran a STEM Workshops for pupils at Twerton Infant School in Bath. This was set up in collaboration with the Bath Royal Literary and Science Institution (BRLSI).

Volunteering can offer an opportunity for Doctoral students to meet peers that they wouldn't normally interact with. It's also a really valuable opportunity to make a positive impact in the community, perhaps by sharing your passion and skills with others.


Postgraduate Students

Postgraduate Researchers hosted talks at St John’s Foundation for guests from Age UK BANES. Some of the audience were retired scientists, engineers, or people who have had an interest in research throughout their life. 

If you prefer one-off volunteering rather than long term regular volunteering, there are many opportunities which can fit round your study such as a Pentathlon GB Volunteer, a litter picker, a workshop leader, or a Campus Buddy. Volunteering can compliment and boost your studies, or give you a chance to do something entirely different. 

Email volunteers@bath.ac.uk if you want to discuss.