What We Do

We introduce you to the most popular social dance in the world! Our experienced teachers will help you transform from having 2 left feet into a smooth, sexy Salsa dancer. If you are already more experienced, then you will be able to build on and show off your moves!

The Latin dances we focus on are Salsa and Bachata, with additional Rueda, Kizomba and Merengue also covered. 

We provide a fun, vibrant, educational and sociable dance society. Attend our weekly classes every Saturday, our social dancing activities on Tuesdays, take part in our shows throught the year, join us at our numerous events in Bath and Bristol and...at the end of the year you'll be an amazing latin dancer able to impress on any dance floor!

Reasons to Join Us

  • Meet brilliant people through dancing!
  • Enjoy our amazing socials in Bath and Bristol!
  • Increase your confidence on the dance floor in any setting and show off some partner dance skills!
  • Impress your friends with your latin moves!
  • You can keep fit in a fun and social way!
  • And most importantly, Salsa makes you smile :) !

Come and Meet Us

Want to give Salsa a go? Come along to our taster sessions in October to learn the steps and meet our friendly Salsa community!

Check out our Facebook page along with our Instagram page for updates on taster sessions and events, or to ask us any questions!



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