Latin Loco

We hold the majority of our socials at the club Zero Zero in Bath, which hosts Latin Loco on a Thursday. It's a night full of the best latin pop, and as a society, it's our favourite night!

We meet at Zero Zero before the club officially opens, for a committee-taught lesson which is followed by social dancing. Once the club opens to the public, you'll find the Salseros showing off their non-salsa moves on the dance floor. If a club night isn't your vibe, there is no pressure to stay, and you can leave the club after the Salsa part of the social. There are a number of our members who do this, so please don't feel that you can't attend the lesson + social dancing if you're not a club person! We'd love to have you there!

We hold Latin Loco socials every 2-3 weeks.

Salsa society during one of the Latin Loco socials

Other Socials and Events

We hold a variety of socials across the year which include:

  • Latin Loco Social Dancing
  • Ice Skating
  • Salsa Christmas and End-Of-Year Dinner 
  • Casual Meet-ups and Reunions
  • Casual Salsa Social Dancing Events - such as a yearly same-sex competition
  • Summer Salsa Ball

Salsa society at their ice skating social


Online Socials (2019/20)

Even COVID couldn't stop the Salsa Spirit! We brought the Latin to the lockdown through our online socials via Teams.

[As of September 2021, all events have been in person, and will continue to be in person, in line with current Government guidlines]