Notice: This page contains events hosted before Covid-19, there is not confirmation whether they will be hosted again in a near future. We will keep you updated. 

Shows at the Edge Theatre

Show in a Week

Show in a week is organized by SU societies to kick off each year and to showcase all the different societies the university has to offer. The show is usually themed, and Salsa Society is invited to perform two/three routines. The show is a whirlwind as the routine is choreographed over only a week by Salsa Soc members! This show is a great opportunity for new members and beginners to meet people and improve their dance moves. Last year, the show was circus themed and we had two fantastic performances, Cirque du Salsa and Cirque du Sensual! Check them out on our Facebook page:

Winter and Spring Show 

Salsa Soc is invited by Dance Soc to the winter and spring shows every year where we perform two routines, both choreographed by volunteers from the society. Again, these shows are a fantastic way to meet new people from the society and make new friends all while improving your dance skills. In the past, Salsa Soc has performed routines including Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and Rueda. The Salseros' skills and creativity in the routines never fail to impress! Below you can take a look at our routines, one of an innovative mix of Kizomba/Rueda from Spring 2019, a Disco inspired Bachata from Winter 2019, a Salsa with a 60’s vibe from Winter 2019, and a Bachata/Salsa from Spring 2019. 

Salsa Stars International  

In Spring 2020, Salsa Soc planned to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Bath Salsa Society with an amazing show organized by Salsa Soc with many different performances including Kizomba, Cuban and Crossbody Salsa, Ladies Salsa Styling, Sensual Bachata, Rueda, Merengue, and more. We planned to invite other societies to perform, such as Pole Soc and Dance Soc. However, due to the pandemic, the show was cancelled. We hope to organize a similar show once it is safe to do so and showcase a variety of Salsa Soc.