Workshops and Balls (Loughborough & Birmingham)

Birmingham 2022

The highlight of the year for many, the society organises a visit to all-day dance festivals in collaboration with Loughborough Salsa Society and DCL (Dance Club Latino) in Birmingham.

Experienced Latin teachers from across the UK run workshops in various dances such as but not limited to Salsa, Bachata, Rueda, Cha Cha, Reggaeton and Kizomba for all levels. Furthermore, competitions occur for all levels in Salsa and Bachata, which brings the Bath spirit! Finally, at night, there is a ball, where performances will take place and there will be music for an evening of social dancing.

These are great opportunities for dancers of all levels to improve their skills, meet and socialise with other students who share their passion for dancing!

Competitions (Reading)

Every year the University of Reading Salsa Society organises competitions, which we are invited to attend. This is a day full of Salsa and Bachata competitions between universities, where you can let your competitive side shine as brightly as your moves! There are separate competitions for all levels of Salsa and Bachata, as well as fun competitions in categories such as same-sex, role-reversal where followers and leaders swap, speed salsa, and many more! The competitions are brought to a close with medals and social dancing.


Bristol Salsa Ball

In February 2022, we were invited to a Salsa Ball organised by the Bristol Salsa Society. There were short lessons, followed by brilliant performances from the Bristol Salsa Society, as well as a Rueda perfomance by Bath Salsa Society. As always, this was followed by social dancing. The live music and talented salseros on the dance floor made it an unforgettable experience!


Classes and Parties (Bristol & London)

At Bath Salsa Society, we believe that one of the best ways to learn how to dance is to experience different styles of dance taught by different teachers. In previous years, we went to different cities for classes such as Salsa Souls and Malcom X in Bristol, Bar Salsa Temple and El Grande in London. Most of these events are hosted in Bars that after classes become Latin Parties which is a great opportunity to practise what you have learned and meet people from various cities.


Salsa Congress (MamboCity & LatinMotion)

Salsa Congress are large salsa festivals hosted around the world. Hundreds of people attend them including famous Latin Musicians, Salsa Champions, and Performers. These events tend to last from 3 to 7 days such as the New Year’s Eve 2018/19 organised by MamboCity and LatinMotion which took place in Birmingham. The NYE was hosted in the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel, a few members of the society were able to book rooms in the same place and transit from 2018 to 2019 dancing!