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What We Do

We introduce you to the most popular social dance in the world! Our experienced instructor will help you transform from an absolute beginner to a competent latin dancer. If you already are more experienced, then you will be able to 'shine your moves'.


The Latin dances we showcase are Salsa and Bachata, with additional Rueda and Merengue also covered.  We are also holding practice sessions and workshops in order to help you improve quickly and add to your moves.


We provide a  fun, vibrant, educational and sociable dance society. Attend our weekly seesions every Sunday, our practice times and workshops on Wednesdays, as well as our numerous socials in Bath and Bristol and... at the end of the year you'll be an amazing latin dancer able to impress on any dance floor!

Reasons to Join Us

Meet amazing people through dancing!


Enjoy our amazing socials in Bath and Bristol.


Increase your confidence on the dance floor in any setting and show off some partner dance skills.


Impress your friends with your sexy, latin moves.


You can keep fit in a fun and social way.


You enjoy music or you want to pick-up additional beats from latin music genres.


Come & Meet Us


Our lessons are held every Sunday in the Claverton Rooms from to 4 pm:

1 - 2pm Beginners Cross-Body Salsa

2 - 3pm Beginners Bachata

3 - 4pm Intermediate Salsa 

Free social practice sessions for members!

NOTE TIME CHANGE: Every TUESDAY, 7 - 8 at 4W Atrium (Opposite big fresh!)

Check out our facebook page for updates:)


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