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What We Do

Welcome to the Bath University Maths Society (BUMS) student page.


Here you can find information on upcoming careers events, socials, careers opportunities and future plans. We also have a section for our football team where you can find out about trials and games. Don’t miss our merchandise page; new stock available soon!


We are one of the biggest departmental societies on campus and welcome anyone. The society is a great way to meet new people and have a laugh with your coursemates. As an added bonus we also look great on your CV! Maths student or otherwise, we would love for you to get involved! We have many socials planned for this year including nights out in Bristol, Bath pub tours and the hugely successful MATHS BALL!


On the committee for 2017/18 are Caitlin Ray, Frances Beresford, Will Lockie, Sam Burn, Joe Molyneux Saunders, Tom Gregory and Adam Lea. We’d love to hear about any ideas you have for the society! Message us at


Click BUMS (Maths) Standard Membership under Join / Memberships on the left  to join officially today! Don't forget that BUMS events and merchandise are exclusively discounted for our members!


Reasons to Join Us
  • BUMS is a great way to meet some of the 200+ course members. Come make friends and and have an amazing time at our events.
  • Join us on our sensational socials including the Bath pub crawl, nights out in Bristol, plug quiz and much more, all at a discounted price for our members. The Maths Ball will also be held again this year.
  • Football fan? Be part of our title-winning BUMS football team to play on a recreational or competitive level.


  • Want help applying for internships/grad jobs? Come along to our BUMS run careers events and skills sessions.


Come & Meet Us

We look forward to welcoming new students to our society!


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 Saturday 10th February 



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