Societies Area Membership

The Societies Area Membership

More than 100 Societies, for £3!*

Welcome to SU Societies! This membership gives you access to all the incredible, wonderful society activities ran by our groups. Join now and become part of something exciting.

* Some groups may require extra payments before you can get started with certain activities.

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  • Societies Area Membership£3.00

How does it work?

Upon purchasing the £3 membership, you’ll then be able to go to any society page and purchase their specific membership for £0 (some may have additional costs based on the needs of their group). You’ll get a confirmation email from each society you join, which will contain a link to their Teams groups. This is where they’ll post information about any virtual activities, hold events and will just be a general meeting point for all members!

Who can I contact if I have more questions? 

Get in touch with us by emailing We're here to support you and are always free to arrange Teams meetings if you'd prefer!