Planning Events

We've put together this page to answer a few questions you might have and we'll keep updating it as guidance changes. If you've got questions that aren't answered here, feel free to get in touch with us at

Planning an Event

For any SU Group planning an event that involves money, booking a venue, a contract or over 200 people attending we ask that you fill out an Event Planner. This is for both virtual and in person events.

Start Planning an Event

The Event Planner will guide you through all aspects of your event, such as contracts, finances, venues and risk assessments. We can access all this information too so can let you know if there's anything missing. We'll also be checking plans are in line with your group risk assessment. Don't forget, any external speakers, whether they're in-person or virtual, need to be authorised by the SU and require 4 weeks notice. 

The SU will authorise your event if the planner is completed and then agreed by the relevant SU area. We can only authorise what's included in your Event Planner.

If you participate in any activities that aren't included and don't comply with COVID rules, you don't have our authorisation and could be liable for any fines.

Adding an Event to the What's On Page and other Web Skills

Now you've got loads of awesome activities planned, it's time to let people know about them! The What's On page is the easiest way to advertise your events to all students! Your Sports Officer Tom has kindly made this video telling you exactly how you can add all your events to the What's On page.  

Unsure how to update your groups webpage? We've also got this Web Tools guide to make everything a little easier.