What We Do...

Bath STAR (Student Action for Refugees) aims to support all refugees and asylum seekers in the local community through volunteering, campaigning, and raising awareness on refugee issues. We are part of the national STAR network, a charity which helps refugees at universities across the UK.

Here's How You Can Get Involved...

Coming along to our socials and events is the best and easiest way to be invovled, but we'd also love you to help us organise projects! Below is a list of all the projects we're currently working on. If you have any questions or ideas, do get in touch with us by emailing su-bathstar@bath.ac.uk and get involved!

The Homework Club -

Helping refugee children with their homework in an informal, relaxed setting. We've nearly organised this and we expect it to be on Thursday afternoons (4-6).  We hope to be uploading a call for volunteers soon!

Photo Project - 

An online photo exhibition showcasing stories of local and student refugees who have experience of separation from family or time in detention centres. If this gets enough interest we hope to hold a physical exhibition. This project supports our campaigns #familiestogether and #thesewallsmustfall.

#Thesewallsmustfall -

We're interested in holding a campaign targeting and raising awareness of the private companies who profit from the UK's asylum detention centres, where people can be detained indefinitely in prison-like (or worse) conditions. These are run for profit and human rights violations are well-documented. This could be a city-centre campaign, documentary film night, meeting with the Bath MP, a letter-signing campaign - let us know if you'd like to be involved and we can organise something!

Film Screening - 

A social and fundraising event, we aim to show a film/documentary related to our campaigns hold this in the 3rd or 4th week of March. You're welcome to join in organising and shaping the event, but we'd love to just see you there!

Food Tasting Stall -

This will be a Syrian food stall for people to try out different foods while raising awareness of our group and our campaigns. If you can cook/bake something or want to share your culture, particularly if you are from a refugee-origin country, we'd love to hear from you! We aim to hold this in the next month, too!

Kite Flying - 

We plan to hold a Kite making stall and kite-flying event on campus when the weather gets a bit warmer. This is based on the Afghani culture of kite-flying and will be an excellent way of raising awareness on refugee issues. 

Useful Information...

Please join our Facebook group, as this is where all new updates and new will be posted.

Look out for any new Bath STAR volunteering opportunities here, and also take a look at our fundraising page. 




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