Ukraine Crisis

The United Nations says that over 2.3 million refugees have now left Ukraine since the start of Russia's invasion last month.

To find out how you can take action to support Ukraine, see the SU's Support Ukraine page.

Any students that are struggling with mental health or money problems because of the Ukraine Refugee Crisis should seek support from student services. See the Wellbeing Services web pages.


What We Do, An Overview...

Bath STAR (Student Action for Refugees) aims to support all refugees and asylum seekers in our local community and nationally through volunteering, fundraising, and campaigning on surrounding issues. We are part of the STAR network, a national charity made up of over 50 university groups with 34,000 students across the UK welcoming refugees.

Take a look through our provisional timetable of events for Semester 2 here. We hope to see as many of our members as possible for what is set to be an interesting and rewarding few months, with plenty of opportunities to get involved and make a positive impact within our community. Joining STAR is a great way to meet like-minded people and even if you’re not up for talking in a group, we’d encourage you to come along anyway to listen in! We also have plenty of other ways for you to get involved through the volunteering and fundraising events we have planned.

Don’t forget to purchase your free membership to gain access to all our events and volunteering opportunities!


Volunteering is at the heart of the work we do at STAR; as University students we have the skills to help create a more welcoming environment for refugees and asylum seekers in Bath. 

We run an online homework club in conjunction with Bath Welcomes Refugees, whereby student volunteers help young refugees in the community with their homework at weekly sessions. Unfortunately we have had to postpone this project due to Covid-19 restrictions, but hope to restart soon.

Although the impact of the pandemic has made projects more challenging, the grassroots work we undertake is more important than ever with vulnerable communities being the most adversely affected during this time. There are still ways to get involved however, you can find all details to our current volunteering opportunities here.


We fundraise for STAR national and various other refugee charities, depending on the event. In the past, we have run movie nights, cake sales and clothes collections to donate to refugee camps. 

This semester we will be organising 'Run for Refugees', a sponsored walk/run. This will be running from Monday 5th April until Monday 19th April 2021. Click here to find out more information! It’s a really great way to support refugees during this difficult time so make sure to get involved!


As STAR students, we campaign for a future where Britain truly provides a safe haven for people fleeing persecution. Bath has recently become a University of Sanctuary, which recognises efforts and initiatives to welcome refugees and asylum seekers. We are extremely proud of our members contribution to this achievement and there is still more that we can do!

Our main campaign this year is The Equal Access Campaign to improve access to university for asylum seekers. Join us on 3rd February for Amnesty X Bath STAR collaboration to discuss the progress of Equal Access and how you can get involved!

You can find out more details of our past and present campaigns here.


We loved holding social events last year in the city but due to Covid these will now be held online, via Teams or Zoom. Throughout the semester, we’ll be running socials to catch up with our members and committee. Further details and meeting links will be provided beforehand, please join our Teams group to access these events. See you there!

Here's How You Can Get Involved...

Feel free to contact us through any of the following channels if you have questions, and ideas for projects or fundraising events are always welcome! It's easy to get involved by joining our online socials, events and volunteering opportunities. By purchasing your free membership and following our social media pages, you'll stay up to date with our latest activity:

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Facebook group: Bath STAR (Student Action for Refugees)

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