What We Do, An Overview...

Bath STAR (Student Action for Refugees) aims to support all refugees and asylum seekers in our local community and nationally through volunteering, fundraising, and campaigning on surrounding issues. We are part of the STAR network, a national charity made up of over 50 university groups with 34,000 students across the UK welcoming refugees.

Who are refugees?

Refugees include:

  • People seeking asylum
  • People granted refugee status (or another related status)
  • Anyone who defines themselves as a refugee or feels that it would not be safe to return to their home country

How do we help them?

As part of the STAR network, we generally work to help refugees by:

  • Volunteering with local refugees
  • Campaigning locally for policy change
  • Educating ourselves on refugee protection and the asylum journey

Our Projects

UCAS mentoring scheme:

Providing guidance to year 13 students currently undertaking the university application process

Study club:

Regular tutoring sessions to help young refugees with any school assignments they may be struggling with

IT sessions:

Basic technology lessons for refugees who want to improve their computer skills


Register your interest in our projects by contacting su-bathstar@bath.ac.uk


We will be holding socials around the city as well as the campus. We have planned a range of socials from clubbing nights to board game nights. Volunteering is not a task it's a great way to meet like-minded people and have a good time. Check out our social media and keep an eye on the 'what's on page' to see our upcoming socials.


Bath STAR are delighted to have been awarded the National STAR Campaigning Award 22-23

How to get involved?

Purchase your free membership from our website! 

Note: you must have first completed registration for the year and purchased the £3 SU groups membership Returning STAR members must also re-purchase membership

Not sure whether to join us?

No worries! For more information, you can:

  • Keep an eye on our social media.
  • Come meet us at the SU groups fair on Sep 28 and Oct 2.
  • Feel free to contact us directly with specific questions

We hope to see you all soon!

Meanwhile, follow our social media page and join our Group Chat!

Instagram: @bathstar

Twitter: @BathSTAR1

Email: su-bathstar@bath.ac.uk

Ukraine Crisis

The United Nations says that over 2.3 million refugees have now left Ukraine since the start of Russia's invasion last month.

To find out how you can take action to support Ukraine, see the SU's Support Ukraine page.

Any students that are struggling with mental health or money problems because of the Ukraine Refugee Crisis should seek support from student services. See the Wellbeing Services web pages.