About Us

Welcome to the Tabletop Gaming Society! Here we provide a space to experience a large number of games that are, of course, usually played on tabletops. Check out our discord server if you are interested. We also have a WhatsApp group for key annoucements.

If you'd like to contact us formally our email is: su-tabletopsoc@bath.ac.uk

Whether you are an experienced tabletop gamer looking to meet those with similar interests, or just wanting to try something new, you are more than welcome to visit one of our sessions. As a society, we also have close ties with BVGS (the video gamers). 

We are comprised of 6 core sections, namely:

· Board Gaming, Play a variety of board games that you may not have heard of  

· Classic Card Games, A variety of classic card games like bridge 

· Lego, The Danish bricks, relaxed, creative and chilled sessions

· Roleplaying Games, Use your imagination to play a character in one of our RPG sessions 

· Trading Card Games, Compete against other players by building and mastering your own decks 

· Wargaming, Pit armies against each other in games such as Warhammer 40K 

We also hold a pub social which all of our members are welcome to attend.

If you have any ideas to help improve the society, or a complaint you don't feel comfortable bringing up in person, we encourage you to visit our anonymous Virtual Feedback Box

The University of Bath Tabletop Gaming Society's Logo was inspired by artwork by Laura Clayton and drawn by Tobias Woodman.

Weekly Schedule

RPGs are throughout the week on a different day for each Campaign.


· CCG (19:15 - 22:05 in 8W 2.20)

· Trading Card Games (19:15 - 22:05 in 8W 2.34)


· Boardgames (14:00 - 18:00 on the second floor of the SU)

. Pubsocial (19:00 - 22:00 at the The Bath Cider House)


· Lego (19:15 - 22:05 in 8W 2.20)


· Wargaming (10:15 - 18:00 in 8W 2.8)

These details may change from week to week depending on room availablity or other factors, join our Discord or WhatsApp group to stay up to date with any changes we may make.



Board Games Officer

CCG Officer


Chess Officer

Lego Officer

Roleplay Officer


TCG Officer


Wargames Officer

Welfare and Inclusivity Officer