Trading/Collectable Card Games

Trading Card Games

Trading Card Games (TCG’s) are a type of game involving building your own deck made up of lots of different cards, then competing against other players and their decks. They typically involve lots of creativity and strategy. New players often start with starter deck which includes instructions, basic cards and a set strategy, but then as you start to learn more about the game you start to modify the deck with new cards and make it your own. New cards can either be bought on their own or obtained from booster packs. Booster packs have a random assortment of cards which you can use to upgrade your existing deck, and produce a unique deck which fits your own style. At high-level play, TCG’s require a large amount of innovation and strategy. If you are interested in learning a TCG, turn up on a Tuesday evening and we can lend you a deck to give it a go!


As a society we accommodate all trading, collectable, and living card games. We currently have a large Magic: The Gathering playerbase, and some Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh players, although events can be arranged for any game if you can find people to play it with! You can even bring your laptop/phone along and play some Hearthstone! Our event schedule is as follows:

  • Every Monday from 19:00-22:00 in 8W 2.34 we have a general TCG evening, turn up and play whatever game you want! Even if you don't play any TCG's at all or can't find enough players for your own game, we have starter decks we can lend to anyone who wants to play. Everyone is welcome so turn up and play!
  • We will be running tournaments throughout the year for different TCG's, dependent on the size of the player base. Magic: The Gathering drafts will be held regularly throughout the year, these will be announced on the Facebook page and Discord server closer to the time. If you have enough people interested in tournaments for any other TCG's contact me and these can easily be organised!
  • Online gameplay will be supported, however it will be organised on a desire-to-play basis on the Tabletop discord server.

Notices will be posted across the tabletop social media, however if you have any questions (or just want to chat about TCGs) contact me at

- Vasudef Vasanthan, TCG Officer